Sarah Palin’s 1st Interview As A Fox Contributor On O’Reilly

Is anybody amazed that Sarah is not accepting a speaking fee from the Tea Party patriots, and would rather instead have that money be contributed to conservative, patriotic, American candidates? (My description)

If someone puts up Alan Colmes wondering “How long she will keep this job” comment, I will post it.

Part 2 – the 60 Minutes piece (no one can make this crap up):

By Logistics Monster


  • Wow, love the new look! Clearly I have been too busy dealing with the nutballs in my little corner of cyberspace! Happy New Year DT. All the best to you and the gang.

  • Fox is not in the business to hire people who will not be able to keep their job, it is laughable the reaction to all of this.

    The left kept attention on Sarah with all of their bashing, now they will have to watch as maybe millions go and take a look at her on Fox. If they wanted to minimize her they should of ignored her, you know like they ignored the Tea Parties, the town halls etc that is the only reason they did not give the true story about those events. But for some reason with Sarah they just kept on, they really helped her book sales and know with more and more people wondering what is going on they are handing them over to Fox to see what this is all about. This one will really bite them and they are most deserving of it.

    I am sure Fox will reap the benefit of the stupidity of the left and I hope they will just turn Sarah loose which is what McCain should of done.

    People are ready now so Fox give them what they want. Let Sarah speak and educate, she is one of the few that I believe people can view as one of them.

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