Russ Feingold Gets Verbally Hammered By His Constituents

Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold  received an earful at a recent townhall meeting.  Mr. Feingold isn’t sure that the Supreme Court will approve the mandated insurance as Constitutional, but he thinks they will.  Has anyone told Russ how far the Supreme Court has gone to break the contract with America?

By Logistics Monster


  • This is just a capsule of how people feel the US over. Why the Pres and Congress isn’t listening is a question that deserves an answer too. If this Bill passes it will prove, without a shadow of a doubt, that our representatives in DC, including the Pres do NOT listen to the people. We’ll see.

  • yourmomscalling -

    THIS is how the BOOB senators act like nothing is wrong VOTE THEM ALL OUT ALL OF THEM !!!!!!! THEY ARE NOT REPRESENTING THE PEOPLE !!!!!

  • Time for Wisconsin’s own “Scott Brown”. The tax and spend liberals are in big trouble but they’ll continue their arrogant ways. Time for Russ to apply for unemployment. Let’s vote him out!!!!!

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