Time To Cast Your Eye On The Supreme Court

They’re Back!!! The other branch of government that has broken the contract with America.  This year should be interesting considering the cases about campaign finance and the Second Amendment, and a justice about to turn 90 and showing signs of retirement.

Justices may rule soon on campaign-finance case

After a holiday break, the Supreme Court returned to work Friday with unfinished business at hand, some of its toughest cases ahead and a looming decision that could rock the national political landscape in this year of midterm congressional elections.

But it is an old case that is puzzling court observers and consuming the political world: a pending decision on whether restrictions on corporate and labor union spending on political campaigns violate the First Amendment. It arose from a less significant question about whether a conservative group’s financing of and distribution plans for a documentary — “Hillary: The Movie,” a scathing account of Hillary Rodham Clinton‘s presidential pursuit — violated the McCain-Feingold Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act.

The court heard oral arguments on the original question in March 2009, but adjourned in June without a decision. Instead, the justices said they would consider the larger question of whether it is constitutional to ban corporations and labor unions from drawing funds from their general treasuries to support or oppose candidates.

Let’s take that shot at the Second Amendment now, shall we?

The new year will bring at least a few new cases to a docket that is mostly full — the court traditionally stops hearing oral arguments in April. The court has already taken at least one case that will command the nation’s attention: whether the Second Amendment right to personal ownership of firearms that rendered unconstitutional the handgun ban in the federal enclave of Washington also applies to state and city attempts to severely restrict gun ownership.

And all will be watching Justice John Paul Stevens for additional signs that he plans to retire and give President Obama a second opportunity to nominate a justice. Stevens will celebrate his 90th birthday in April, and he has prompted the speculation by hiring only one clerk for the term that begins in October. Retired justices have one clerk; active justices hire four.

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  • I am more concerned with their handling of the Second Amendment. We are not only being beseiged by local pols but the Obama administration as well.

    The first step to declaring martial law is to take our firearms away. If we can be disarmed it will be a cake walk for the communist-leaning authority to walk in and declare us non-people, with no rights at all.

    The campaign finance problem is very important also, but the attack on the Second Amendment is striking at the very heart of or ability to defend ourselves.

    I expect Justice Stevens to retire and give Obama another leg up on controlling the court, but I hope it doesn’t happen until after the 2010 elections when I hope we have a more patriotic congress.

  • There is also an important 16th amendment case coming up…so far all the judges have refused to hear evidence that the 16th amendment was not ratified…every single judge in this country knows this, another long term huge fraud and enforcement by IRS intimidation! If the supremes don’t allow the evidence, I think its safe to say they are also not on America’s side. Impeach them all!

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