John Bolton: “Biggest Recruiting Tool For Jihadists Is Existence Of United States”

“Terrorists are dictating our policy” – Greg Gutfeld

By Logistics Monster


  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    Now it’s getting scary when I agree with John Bolton. In my area some guy from C.A.I.R. is going around to Christan churches and trying to recruit people to Islam. My meetup group went to one the other evening and asked questions of him. You had to be registered to go and I didn’t make it because I beleive they had a quota as to how many they could handle. I spoke with an individual who attended and she said that they were outnumbered and very much harassed and intimidated. This was by members of the local Friends Meeting House group, which are Quakers. There are other of these meetings scheduled. We are going to go to more, hopefully I will get in on the next one. The lady who I have been in contact with is holding a meeting in her home this week to educate people on Islam so that we will be more able to ask pertinent questions. this is in a rather rural area in Southeast PA. Imagine what they must be doing in the bigger city areas? She told me that he was definitely pushing for sharia law in this country and doing away with our constitution. This is despicable! I am going to do whatever I have to to stop this.

    • Can you imagine what would happen if Christians starting going into Mosques to recruit, they would never make it out alive.

      Truly is heartbreaking that they can do this without any public outcry. Take care Nancy and be careful.

  • I had no idea that anything like this was happening. Good Grief, they must certainly be sure of themselves if they have the nerve to operate out in the open like this, but of course they are taking their cue from the usurper who is sitting in our White House.

    If anything like this should happen at my church you can believe there would be a hue and cry from the whole congregation and I for one would raise a big stink in their faces. Isn’t that what Obama told his followers during the campaign to “get in their faces”?

    Nancy, do you believe they make you register so that they can have a record of who you are and where you live? That would be my take on it. How about them registering before they can defile our places of worship?
    They will have your information and if you have a comment to make that they don’t like you will be pin-pointed for harrassment. This is very scary business, as these are very scary people at CAIR.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    Actually, it is my group that we have to register with. I don’t know exactly why. I think it is to limit the number of people going. The church buildings aren’t that big. CAIR doesn’t know who we are or anything about us. I don’t know what the CAIR representative tells the pastors to get the meetings scheduled but I’m sure he doesn’t tell them he is from a terrorist group financed by Hamas.

  • I’m sure he doesn’t tell them what the CAIR group is all about. Part of their belief is that it is OK to lie if you are doing it for Islan.

  • clemintine -

    the recruitment to islam is just the tip of the iceberg. i have read numerous reports regarding the training camps and location of identified radical islam groups in the United States. hannity did a report on fox and if you do a search you get numerous hits for this topic.
    their activities are protected under the very Constitution washington and islam is trying to destroy.
    i fear our bureaucrats will never wake up to the fact that our nation is at risk, not only from radicals overseas, but from radicals living within our borders.

  • Nancy,

    I don’t understand why your church would be hosting such meetings. If someone from Campaign for Liberty or Get Out of Our House wanted to speak to your congregation would they be allowed? (If so, I suggest you schedule them.)

    Islam is not a religion. It is a political system which dictates that you must have certain spiritual beliefs.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    It’s not my own church that is hosting them but other churches in the area. If I heard that my own church had scheduled one I would definitely go to my pastor and tell him what they are all about. Actually, some members of the Meetup organization in this area did go to one of the churches and try to stop the meeting or class. Actually, in one of the churches he is holding 8 week classes on Islam. I’m sure the congregations have it presented to them that this is a peaceful organization and that we all should learn what they are all about so we can accept them in our communities and live in harmony. LIES!

  • Nancy, the more I think about this matter, the more it disturbs me. Anybody who has bothered to research the purpose of Islam and Sharia law knows that overthrowing our government and demolishing our constitution is the root motive behind this so-called religion.

    Allowing classes on Islam to be held in a Christian church is the utmost in stupidity. Either that or the church officials responsible are actually closet Islamists and this is another way to sneak the camel into the tent.

    If the church officials involved won’t listen to reason, the citizens should mount their own protests to not only the churches but to the city or town officials.

    I talked to my pastor about this and he couldn’t believe it could be happening. Without endangering yourself is there any way you could let us know the churches involved? I would be willing to take on a crusade myself even though it is not my church involved. If true Americans don’t fight this blight we are lost because our present government seems to be in favor of Islam and Sharia. This scourge is infecting our whoe society. Financial institutions practicing Sharia law , supportin Sharia governments in Iraq and Afghanistan with our taxpayers money. Our founding fathers are no doubt not only turning over in their graves, but turning over and over continuously at the farce that is being played out in the couontry that they fought and died for.

    • Nancy, please keep us informed as to where this is going. Is there no community uprising over this?

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    Lee, I don’t know too much about the situation yet. I’m going to attend a meeting by the person in my meetup group who I have been in contact with. She is going to instruct us to Islam so we can ask pertinent questions when we go to one of their meetings. There have been about 3 Churches in a 15 mile area who have scheduled meetings so far. I am definitely supposed to have a spot at the next one.

    I’m not really afraid to go. We all have put ourselves “out there” in blogging, going to tea parties, faxing congress critters, etc. Whenever I think about being afraid I just think of my little grandchildren who are completely innocent and helpless in this. I think that is the reason all of us do it, for children or grandchildren.

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