AYFKM? Nigerian Indicted And Pleads “Not Guilty”

The crimes keep piling up.  The 23 year old Nigerian that tried to bring down Flight 253, and was injured in the attempt, pled not guilty in a criminal court today.  What’s worse? Not Guilty or even wasting our money on a criminal court case?  AYFKM?  The hits just keep on coming with this administration.  And can someone point out to Bob Barr that there is actually a war going on, and 3,000 innocents died on 9.11?

Not guilty plea entered for Nigerian bomb suspect

DETROIT (Reuters) – A federal judge entered a not guilty plea on Friday on behalf of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the 23-year-old Nigerian accused in the attempted bombing of a Detroit-bound airplane that prompted a sweeping review of U.S. security procedures.

Abdulmutallab, who shuffled into court in leg irons, answered questions from U.S. Magistrate Mark Randon, who entered the not guilty plea after his court-appointed lawyer said the defendant would “stand mute.”

He was arraigned on six charges including attempted murder and the attempted use of a “weapon of mass destruction” to bring down a plane carrying 289 other people.

Why only 6 charges of attempted murder?  Why not one for every single person on the plane?  What am I saying?  This guy shouldn’t even be in a criminal court because he isn’t a criminal; he’s an enemy combatant!

By Logistics Monster


  • You’re right, Diamond. Why is he in a criminal court instead of being tried as an enemy combatant? Because that is the way Obama wants it. Obama and Holder are determined to subvert the laws of this land and turn them in favor of their friends in crime. These two will destroy AMerica if they are allowed to. Their goal is to reduce us to the level of a third world country and establish a level playing field with the terrorists.

    With the help of Eric Holder, Bill Clinton made it possible for the traitor Marc Rich to excape punishment and make a laughing stock of our laws. Now Holder is at it again, only this time his comrade in arms is Barack Obama. For some reason the scum always rises to the top of the swamp.
    Along with his decision to try the terrorists in NYC instead of a military court is giving the OK to their buddies to keep up their foul acts against the U.S. without fear of retribution.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    Where did they get this lawyer from? What lawyer in this country would be unpatriotic enough to represent an enemy combatant? This to me is treason. Then again, treason seems to be committed so much here that I lose count of the ways.

  • Well of course he pleaded not guilty, in the land of Obama everything is Bush’s fault.

  • Once again, I was writing when I was tired. I should have asked the question: “Why is this guy doing anything other than sitting in a military jail or pushing up daisies?” Why are they even talking about this? There are how many witnesses to him trying to blow up a plane and kill people. Case freakin’ closed. Do not pass GO, do not go to trial.

  • clemintine -

    this “trial” is just a preview of the circus to come.
    now that a US district judge has thrown out the confession of gitmo terrorist, madhwani, because it was “coerced”, i hate to imagine what will happen when ksm comes to trial. will all of the evidence against him be thrown out, allowing him to go free????,
    adding to my intense outrage is the fact that the American taxpayers get to foot the bill for these trials!

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