Krauthammer: Obama Speech Appalling

By Logistics Monster


  • It was appalling. Thanks for posting this video. I am reminded of the picture you posted a couple of days ago, with the arrogant obama’s using the wrong salute. Where was that taken? Because, this is why he can’t admit that we are under attack and he is doing nothing about it. “Actionable intelligence” doesn’t get acted upon unless the boss says so, in this case, obama. he took off on vacation so he didn’t do anything about it. This man is so dangerous for our country, its like his underwear is made of explosive BS! 😡

    • Doc – that photo was a fake. The buttons got me though – I thought it was real. I spent a few hours looking through over 8000 photos and doing numerous searches before I found the original of the dipsticks at the white house during the 9.11 remembrance. That’s why they looked so upset.

  • I’ll bet that when the terrorist watched his speech..oops, I mean campaign promises, they were laughing their asses off.

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