Massachussetts?: 21 More Reasons To Vote For Scott Brown (UPDATED: Dems Worried)

Massachussetts?: 21 More Reasons To Vote For Scott Brown (UPDATED: Dems Worried)

“I will vote against the health care bill because it is bad for Massachusetts and bad for the country If you believe the health care bill has been mishandled and that it will lead to more government, higher taxes and increased spending, then vote for me and I will stop it from becoming law.”- Scott Brown, December 23, 2009.

Massachusetts has 21 more reasons to vote for Scott Brown over Martha Coakley (D, SEIU, Obama, etc.)

Massachusetts can send the District of Criminals a message that is louder and clearer than anything that has come before by electing a republican to Dead Kennedy’s seat.

Here are the first 20.

Feeling blue? Take a second look at Scott Brown

You may be a Scott Brown voter if:

  • You’re in a union, and you’re going to have to pay a 40 percent tax on your “Cadillac” health-care plan if Martha Coakley gets a chance to vote for Obama’s health-care rationing bill.
  • You’re still waiting for that property-tax relief that Deval Patrick promised you in 2006.
  • You’re on kidney dialysis and you have to pay for your treatment . . . but illegal aliens don’t.
  • You’ve been rear-ended by a drunken state senator.
  • You’ve been groped in Lowell by a state senator who, when arrested, gave police the name of a state rep.
  • You lost your appetite for lunch one day when you observed a female state senator in a restaurant stuffing FBI cash bribes into her bra.
  • You watch this crime wave emanating from the State House and wonder why the attorney general can’t seem to find one single solon to arrest, when the feds have no difficulty whatsoever nailing House speaker after speaker after speaker on serious felonies – not the technicalities Martha Coakley’s gone after Sal DiMasi for.
  • You own a package store in the Merrimack Valley, and you’re getting killed by the hacks’ new 6.25 percent sales tax on alcohol, on top of the 37 percent excise tax.
  • You believe that if someone rapes his 23-month-old niece with a hot curling iron, the district attorney should go after the rapist even before the child’s mother files a complaint – even if the perp is a politically wired cop and the DA is running for higher office.
  • You believe that if the governor’s appointees rubberstamp a $44 million utility-rate increase, and then the next week Deval pockets $7,000 in contributions from that same power company’s executives (and spouses) at their lobbyist’s office, perhaps the attorney general should at least have . . . a comment.
  • You don’t have a big problem with making county jailbirds pay $5 a day room and board at the House of Correction, even if the SJC does.
  • You do, however, have a problem with Billy Bulger’s $198,205.92 state pension (with survivor’s benefits).
  • Your local property-tax bill is rising almost as fast as the value of your home is dropping.
  • You wonder why Martha Coakley never apologized to Tookie Amirault.
  • You’ve had to wait hours in line at a Registry office to renew your driver’s license after they shut down your local branch because of the state’s alleged fiscal crisis – but they still want to give free tuition at state colleges to illegal aliens.
  • You’re a veteran, and you wonder why you’re supposed to vote for an ardent supporter of the administration whose Homeland Security secretary refuses to call real terrorists terrorists, but who last spring issued a memo to local cops warning that “the return of military veterans . . . could lead to the potential emergence of terrorist groups.”
  • You can’t figure out why you’re supposed to care about the endorsement of Martha Coakley by some woman from Louisiana whose father did his own bit at Club Fed, and by some guy who put a woman in a wheelchair for life back on Nantucket.
  • You did at least some of your Christmas shopping in New Hampshire to beat the 25 percent sales tax increase the Democrats imposed on working people to pay for the corrupt hackerama that Martha Coakley so proudly endorses.
  • Your federal income taxes are going through the roof in 2011 when the Bush tax cuts expire – and Martha Coakley thinks that’s just wonderful.
  • You’d like to send a message to the limousine liberals who are driving this state and this country off a cliff.
  • #21:  From an email from the Brown Campaign.  If you are an activist that wishes to go into Massachusetts to help Scott stop Obamacare, his campaign will provide food and lodging for you.

    Scott Brown will be the 41st Republican to stop Obamacare if he wins on Jan 19.


    We are less than two weeks away from making history. We’re the only state in this nation about to elect a U.S. Senator. The choice we make will send a powerful message to the big-spenders in Washington, and just in time. They need to quit expanding the Federal government, and start expanding this economy and defending our jobs.

    Scott Brown needs your help. Will you help us make history?

    We have put together a massive Get Out The Vote (GOTV) operation and we are looking for volunteers to help us make phone calls and knock on doors in the final 5 days of the campaign.

    If you are available to volunteer from Friday, January 15th through January 19th please click here to fill out the online application.  Once the campaign has reviewed your application, someone will contact you with further information.

    Please note that the final days of the campaign are the most important and you will be expected to volunteer from 9am-9pm. Only those who are willing and dedicated should apply.

    The campaign will provide volunteers who are willing to help with our GOTV efforts, food and lodging for Jan 15th through the 20th (2 volunteers per room).

    If you cannot make it but would still like to help, you can make calls from your HOME. Thanks so much for your interest in helping us achieve victory on January 19th.

    Pete Fullerton
    Political Director

    -You can make phone calls from home.  Sign-up, and they will send you a password.  It’s easy.

    Scott Brown Moneybomb – January 11, 2010.

    Sean Hannity will be interviewing Scott Brown on ‘Hannity’ today at 9pm eastern.

    UPDATE: From The NY Times

    Democrats Anxious Over a Once-Safe Seat

    BOSTON — Martha M. Coakley, the Democrat running for Senator Edward M. Kennedy’s seat in Massachusetts, had seemed so certain of winning the special election on Jan. 19 that she barely campaigned last month.

    But the dynamic has changed in recent days. The news that two senior Democratic senators will retire this year in the face of bleak re-election prospects has created anxiety and, even in this bluest of states, a sense that the balance of power has shifted dramatically from just a year ago.

    With the holidays over and public attention refocused on the race, Ms. Coakley’s insistence on debating her Republican opponent, Scott P. Brown, only with a third-party candidate present has drawn mounting criticism.

    And a new poll that showed a competitive race between Ms. Coakley and Mr. Brown has generated buzz on conservative blogs and energized the Brown campaign — though many news organizations dispute its methodology.

    In a sudden flurry of activity, the Coakley campaign released its first television advertisement on Thursday and accepted the endorsement of Mr. Kennedy’s widow, Victoria Reggie Kennedy, at a splashy event outside Boston.

    A Brown win remains improbable, given that Democrats outnumber Republicans by 3 to 1 in the state and that Ms. Coakley, the state’s attorney general, has far more name recognition, money and organizational support.

    But a tighter-than-expected margin in the closely watched race would still prompt soul-searching among Democrats nationally, since the outcome will be the first real barometer of whether problems facing the party will play out in tangible ways at the polls later this year.

    “If I had to bet a week’s salary,” said Dennis Hale, a political science professor at Boston College, “I’d still bet it on Coakley. But this is going to be like in the military, where the bullet misses you but it still scares you to death.”

    Here is the factor that could affect the whole nation; independent voters.

    Republicans are hoping that diminished support for President Obama and his party among independents could give Mr. Brown a shot at winning. About half of the state’s voters are not affiliated with a party.

    Nope, America’s isn’t fed up, and we are all just paid astroturfers.

    Just keep insulting us by running these progressive lunatics and find out what happens.

    America Rising

    (Author’s Note: I have no regrets – I didn’t vote for The Chosen One.)

    Jack Cafferty Is Upset Now?! Too Bad, Too Late!

    A little buyer’s remorse?  Oh please! You, Jack, are a total punk.  You gave up your right to blast the pResident and the democrats when CNN and YOU became the Obama Propaganda Machine during the primary and general elections.  You want us to “remember some of this crap when the mid-term elections roll around later this year.”  Don’t worry, Jack, we have very long memories; we remember that you were one of the journalists, and I am using that term loosely, that helped ‘make history’, you shill!

    Too late Jack, CNN is headed for the bottom because of a MSM complicit in the election of The Chosen One, a lame-a**, marketed candidate and now inept pResident.   Happy Trails!!!

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