Terrorism Report: Americans Will Be Shocked

I watched the towers as they fell.  THAT was the ultimate shock.

Watching the Democratic Party’s Rules and Bylaws Committee meeting on May 31, 2008 shocked me.  Being a  “so-called domestic terrorist” according to Janet Napolitano’s Homeland Security Report shocked me. Being called racist, way back when, shocked me. Being asked to “flag” my neighbors to the White House shocked me.  Watching a guy that has paid over $2 million dollars in attorney’s fees to fight court cases to reveal his documents shocked me. Watching the Supreme Court have a closed door meeting with Obama and Biden before his inauguration shocked me.  Watching him apologize to the world for us shocked me.

Want me to go on?

I’m done being shocked.  Bring it.

National security adviser: Airline bomber report to ‘shock’

WASHINGTON — White House national security adviser James Jones says Americans will feel “a certain shock” when they read an account being released Thursday of the missed clues that could have prevented the alleged Christmas Day bomber from ever boarding the plane.

President Obama “is legitimately and correctly alarmed that things that were available, bits of information that were available, patterns of behavior that were available, were not acted on,” Jones said in an interview Wednesday with USA TODAY.

“That’s two strikes,” Obama’s top White House aide on defense and foreign policy issues said, referring to the foiled bombing of the Detroit-bound airliner and the shooting rampage at Fort Hood, Texas, in November. In that case, too, officials failed to act when red flags were raised about an Army psychiatrist, Maj. Nidal Hasan. He has been charged with killing 13 people.

Jones said Obama “certainly doesn’t want that third strike, and neither does anybody else.”

The White House plans to release an unclassified report Thursday on what went wrong in the incident involving a 23-year-old Nigerian man who tried to blow up a Northwest Airlines flight.

National Security with this crew is a joke, and we all know it.

By Logistics Monster


  • Robin in Texas -

    I can’t wait to read the report, but we all know, somewhere in that report it plainly states that this was BUSH’S FAULT! I know I will laugh my backside off and I hope every other American does too. Mr. O will not claim responsibility.

  • That jerk-off Mr. Obummer will NEVER take resposibility for his actions…it is and always will be blame Bush!

  • Nope. It’s because he’s always on TV or golfing and playing with basketballs. Now they are trying to blame Hillary.

    She won. Can we have her now? Can we? Anything is better than what we have. He’s still in training wheels and conning every American. I
    Take a look of what our real president looks like. See the pic?

    • Sorry Ogee – can’t ever vote for Hillary or support her. She is a stealth socialist vs. the ‘in your face’ socialism of Obama. Too bad too, she would have made a great president if she actually believed in the Constitution.

  • Don’t ever try to peddle Hillary Clinton to me again, anyone. IMO she is the ultimate traitor. After the campaign when I fought so hard for her she turned coward and endorsed the man she had been telling us was unfit to be president. It was all about her own ambition and desire for a cushy position. She is no better than he is, other than we know where she was born and who her real parents are.

    • Lee – I wish I could give that comment 10 stars, but alas it only goes to five. I love that line,

      other than we know where she was born and who her real parents are.

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