Glenn Beck, 1.7.2010: The 100 Year Old Progressive Time Bomb

UPDATE: 1.8.2010: Since the Chosen One pre-empted Glenn with his latest campaign speech yesterday, the Judge is sitting in for Glenn and they are re-playing the entire first portion that unseen. I am putting up the first two parts.

Part 1: 1.8.2010 (from 1.7.2010)

Part 2: 1.8.2010 (from 1.7.2010)


Glenn goes into the beginnings of the progressive movement with Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson.  I read a book many years ago called “Lies My Teacher Told Me” that changed my view of Teddy.  I’m glad Glenn has caught up.

Part 2:

Part 3:

By Logistics Monster


  • Here in the East, a chunk of the first half of Beck’s program was preempted by the security news conference.

    I’m glad Beck is talking about the progressive movement. I’m still trying to get caught up. There’s so much I have yet to learn.

    • I didn’t see it either Ron – and haven’t had time to watch the entire segments.

      Have you not visited the socialism page at the top of the page? There’s your start if you haven’t. I posted it on 10.19.2008 and alot of regulars hadn’t seen it when they started coming here awhile back.

      • Ah, I need to spend more time there. Loads of info that’ll help me fill in the gaps. I know a good deal of what’s on that page but what I need to bone up on are some of the details about the early progressives. I managed to scratch the surface while doing research for a paper when I was 15. My paper was on the causes of mental retardation and I conducted my research in the private library of the director of the NIMH. Without understanding the implications, I put some progressive ideas into my paper, including the controversial idea of eugenics.

        What was that black book Beck mentioned? He said it was hard to read.

  • Perfect timing! I’ve been chasing down Wilson and the influence of Darwin, Marx, and the ‘progressives’ on liberal fascism….will update with a link here. Thanks so much.

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