(Dammit Janet, where is that Protocol Coach?)

I saw this photograph awhile back and so much was happening that I did not make much of it then, but the question today would be: “Are the Obamas stupid or are they flipping the American People and our Founding Fathers the bird?”

What say you?

(…and don’t they look absolutely thrilled to be listening to the

National Anthem

instead of dancing with Earth, Wind, and Fire, and eating Kobe beef?)

UPDATE: I am searching for the original photo to see if this is the most incredibly photochopped image every made.  Guess What?  I can’t find this image anywhere – so far.  Will keep you updated.

UPDATE #2: My bad.  I am a big enough person to admit when I am wrong, and I found the original image after looking at about 8,000 photos of this pair and here it is from the 9.11 Anniversary.  My apologies folks, but this has to be the best photoshop I have ever seen.  My punishment for not vetting this photo was having to look at all of those photos!

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