Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire!

Candidate Obama’s screentests for “The Liar-In-Chief”.  Always get tape!

By Logistics Monster


  • DaddysDarlin -

    Yea, we would have been watching C-Span had you kept this promise you made over and over again. Nothing is public with this administration and certainly nothing honest is going on behind the public’s backs.
    C-Span my ass, you are nothing, nothing to the American people but a scourge upon this nation, this once proud nation that you have been apologizing for overseas. You are a fraud Obama, and finally those with even half a brain, like the ones that voted for you, are beginning to wake the hell up and see you for what you really are, more of the same. You can talk about you hope and change, but you have changed nothing, unless you count destroying our country from the inside out. You care nothing about our country, OUR COUNTRY.
    You are nothing but a liar, cheater, fraud, and an all around asshole who loves himself beyond all else and wants the whole world to love him too.
    Guess what? We don’t love you, we don’t even like you, most of us hate you and all you have done to our country, me included.
    Take the spew you are spitting upon our Constitution and our people somewhere else, you will never get a second term.
    Hillary will come in at just the right time and save us from the likes of you!!!!!

  • So his flaming a-hole finally set fire to his pants. sheesh

  • Robin in Texas -

    I seem to remember a President that said,” read my lips, no new taxes”
    When the taxes came, he had to go! Obama it is past time for you to go.

  • If that freaking mutant moron opens his mouth it is only to either catch flies or spew lies. Take your pick. However, the former is far more productive than the latter; on second thought–that idiot isn’t even productive enough to rid the world of flies.

  • yourmomscalling -


  • Transparent? Yeah, he’s more transparent than the “underwear bumbler”, why? Because we know he’s lying…his lips are moving!

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