Chris Matthews: Every Single Teabagger Is White

AYFKM?  Enough Already!  I had to stop watching MSNBC when they went over to the dark side during the primaries, but the imbecility and bias of Chris Matthews continues to amaze me. Has this guy never heard of Lloyd Marcus, Ken Gladney, or Katrina Pierson, and when is he going to drop the campaign to incite a race war?

From Media Research Center:

Matthews: Every ‘Teabagger’ is White, ‘What’s That About?’

Chris Matthews just can’t stop implying some sort of racist motives behind tea-partiers as on Tuesday’s Hardball, the MSNBC host – in a segment about which candidate they would gravitate towards – asked his guests why the protestors were all “monochromatic,” and to add insult to injury repeatedly called them “teabaggers.”

The following exchanges were aired on the January 5 edition of Hardball:

CHRIS MATTHEWS: So who will lead the tea-baggers? Will it be Rick Perry down in Texas? Will it be Michele Bachman out in Minnesota? Will it be Sarah Palin? You first Mark [McKinnon] it’s your idea. The tea-baggers are an interesting group to watch. They’re not far right. They’re probably center-right, in fact some centrists. But they’re generally, I think, Republican voters. Right? Is that fair to say? They vote Republican?

MATTHEWS: And they’re monochromatic right?

MARK MCKINNON, THE DAILY BEAST: Well I don’t know that they’re monochromatic?

MATTHEWS: They’re not? Every picture I see shows them to be.

MCKINNON: Well there’s a lot of people out there that cuts across a lot of demographics who feel disenfranchised.

MATTHEWS: But not that other demographic.

MCKINNON: The other demographic?

MATTHEWS: Meaning they’re all white. All of them, every single one of them is white.

MCKINNON: I think that’s, I think that’s a fair characterization, predominately.

MATTHEWS: Yeah well what’s that  about?

So I dragged this video, from Katrina Pierson at the Dallas Tea Party on 4.15.09, out of the vault as a reminder to one and all what we are all about.  I do believe we should stuff Mr. Matthews email box with this video, and start boycotting his sponsors because of the above mentioned campaign.  What say you?

By Logistics Monster


  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    He’s such a pig! Sorry, DT, I read the transcript but couldn’t watch the video. It sickens me just to see his picture. I can’t torture myself to watch him in a video. i remember the dem convention in ’08 when we were demonstrating on the streets against BO’s nomination. The highlight of the trip was when “tingles” was doing his show in a park and we were there yelling at him the whole time, calling him a sexist pig. LOADS of fun!!

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    He is so discusting. Sorry, but I read the transcript only. I couldn’t watch the video. Ir is bad enough looking at his picture. My original comment went into moderation and I certainly undertand why. My feelings about him are slightly stronger than I am able to express here.

    • nancy – something about this new theme puts comments into moderation that shouldn’t be. Just alittle glitch I think, and your comment is not over the top so I posted it.

      Yes, Tingler makes me ill. So smug, so arrogant, so sure that he is right and we are all racists that want to do evil things. No room for live and let live inside the Democratic Party.

  • I’ll bet if you put Mathews, Olberman and Gibbs in the same room, they could not figure out how to open a jar of pickles.

  • California Patriot -

    I think we should just ignore Chris Mathews. He’s not worth it. We know what he is; just ignore him.

  • That is his way of getting the blacks who are not politically savy in a rage. So they will continue to vote for sorry a** democrats. I am black and a strong independent tea party member. Evidently, he does not watch the Glen Beck show. He has black tea party members on his show often…all a bunch of propaganda stragedy……it will backfire..

  • When Mr. Matthews was evaluating Obama how many times did he notice and make mention that everyone at Obama’s church was monochromatic? I’ll bet I know the answer.

  • Chris Matthews’ incoherent babble is nothing but poison to the ears. MSNBC is a disgrace for keeping this nut on the air.

  • Is it not true that all or the majority of the tea party are white? By the way, Is this the trailer park trash blog?

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