Michael Steele Gives Pelosi Credit For Statement With Straight Face

Neil Cavuto interviewing Michael Steele about Nancy Pelosi’s statement about transparency when it comes to the healthcare bill. Of course Nancy can lie with a straight face, she’s had enough practice.

By Logistics Monster


  • It isn’t only all the practice that she’s had, Diamond, it’s also all that botox. Her face is frozen in that same position and if she forced any real emotion it would crack into pieces and drop to the floor revealing the disgusting mess that is really there.

  • I do not think Nancy Pelosi even knows what a lie is anymore, there is a point a person can reach that given enough lying they can no longer recognize the truth. The truth is what she wants it to be.

    Also remember when she was trying to express emotion about the violence in San Fran, the Harvey Milk murder. It hurt just to watch her she really could not find any real way to express emotion and I think for her that was as genuine an expression that she may be capable of.

    Botox is a poison, I have heard all of the jokes but it is true it most likely is doing her and others real damage. If you look at those that seem to do Botox as routine they really are not functioning on the level of a mental stable person.

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