Karl Rove “On Fire” With Greta, 1.5.2010

Greta did an interview with Karl Rove which really had the feel of a discussion around any one of our kitchen tables.  He was absolutely on fire in this interview covering topics ranging from Obama “lecturing us about the need for transparency and bi-partisanship” in regards to the healthcare bill, and then closed door meetings, Robert Gibbs being insulting and dismissive with the White House Press Corp over healthcare, Dorgan’s retirement, and the pitfalls of letting the dems railroad this bill through.  Whatever you may want to say about Karl, (and I will forever be lethally annoyed with him for Bush’s 8 years), he speaks the truth tonight without any spin.

Karl Rove:

Robert Gibbs is basically telling the American people ‘You want an answer to that, drop dead. We’re not going to give you an answer.’

(6:55) The way this process has been handled, has undermined the peoples confidence in this bill, has undermined peoples confidence in the congress, it has undermined peoples confidence in this president.  If the president were smart, he would insist on a more transparent, not less; he would insist on a more bi-partisan, not a less bi-partisan; he would insist on the American people have more time to absorb this, rather than less.

And it gets better from this point on.

By Logistics Monster


  • I know Gibbs is a weasel and most likely was the Captain of the Dodge Ball team in school, but he must feel like a trapped animal at these press briefings. He can not just walk away like so many of the others will do he has to stand there and really show his a$$. He must of drawn the short straw when they where deciding who was going to play what part in this administration. Since none of them are qualified for any of the positions they hold they had to draw straws, shot darts, flip coins what ever method they decided on Gibbs was clearly the loser.

    • K – I think Gibbs wanted this job – just look at the arrogance and preening when he is up on the podium. It’s the closest he will ever get to real power and he just eats it up.

  • Granny Grips -

    The flame throwers are on the move:

    Finally !

    We are getting some HELP!

    HEY EVERYONE, do not forget to support Tiger’s PROJECT to help OBAMA with the SOCIALIST BROOM and sweep out that pig trough in the Capitol building:

    STILL CANNOT believe that without blinking the morally bankrupt Senators voted to stick their state with bill for Nebraska’s Medicaid Tab.
    EVERY CITIZEN in the other 49 states should be in a RAGE!
    (BTW we all get to pay for Landreiu”s (sp) ROLL IN THE HAY !)

  • Granny Gripes -

    OK folks, sry about the tying errors:

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    Pelosi lap dog, In District 5 US Congress OREGON

    Anyway, folks 10 bucks to TIGER to keep this venue up and to
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    give up a bottle of wine or a few beers, HELP THE CAUSE
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  • MochaLite -

    I am so utterly sick of this Chicago-machine administration! How dare they bypass all bi-partisan formats in shoving this bill down our throats?? Is there nothing anyone can do to stop them??

    • Nope – not at this point – they are going to get a really truly incredible bad bill because they have to appear to be appealing to Americans. Will they get everything they want, nope – but they will get something that forever changes our country. The question has always been “How do we walk this sh** back when they are gone?”

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