I scared the hell out of my family with all the cheering and clapping when I read the breaking news from Politico:

Sen. Dodd won’t seek re-election

Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.) plans to announce Wednesday that he will retire from the Senate at the end of the year, capping a 30-year career where he rose to be one of the most influential members and held some of the most powerful positions in the upper chamber, several Democratic sources told POLITICO Tuesday night.

Dodd’s decision to forgo a bid for a sixth term paves the way for a more popular Democrat to run, most likely the state’s Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, who has his eye on a Senate seat. And that is good news for Democrats who were hit with the stunning announcement Tuesday that Sen. Byron Dorgan would not run for reelection in North Dakota, likely giving the GOP an advantage for his seat.

2 Down – More To Go!

By Logistics Monster


  • I want to say WOWEE ZOWEE but this smells of Soros who hates this Congress and wants the old guard Dems replaced with younger Obamaphiles. Let’s hope some good candidates can compete with the Dems in November.

    • It’s all that and a bag of chips Ron. I’m never going to give Soros that much credit, but yes, Dodd is going down so they are kicking his a** to the curb before we do.

      Time to redouble our efforts and find those candidates. Alot can happen in the next 11 months.

  • He read the writing on the wall, and decided that he would do all the dirt he could and get out since it was obvious that he wouldn’t be re-elected. I am surprised, though, since I thought he would be one of the ones who would go kicking and screaming until the last dog died.

    I guess TPTB told him they wanted enough time to woo the public to accept whoever they decide to pick as his replacement. They will have 11 months to prepare the field and schmooze the citizens, but then we will have that length of time, also, to watch their every move and counter-attack.

    Work is going to start early, folks, keep your eyes and ears open.

  • clemintine -

    @ 10:40pm (phoenix time) i sent you an email about this…..wanted to have it confirmed as i was so afraid it was too good to be true!!!

    it is amazing, as it seems every day there are more and more of the congress announcing they will not seek re-election…..i wonder why??? most likely they want out while the getting is good. now that American patriots have let them know we are watching, they are worried they will get caught and have to return the millions they made while in congress…..

    • Clem – must be in another box.

      Yes, we won’t know about why they aren’t, but that doesn’t matter. Finding Dodd’s achilles heel once he no longer has a senator’s mantle to protect him, find the evidence, and prosecute him. I don’t want to be spending my tax dollars paying for his retirement – but I will spend my tax dollars to put him in jail.

  • In Dodd’s case certainly it is I quit before you can fire me, but with some of the other Dems it would stand to reason that they are just appalled by the goings on in their party and no longer want to be a part of it. I just hope that when they are out some of them will be forthcoming in what they know. A lot to ask I realize but maybe, just maybe some of still have their souls.

  • NormaJean -

    hmmmmmmm……any back door deal made with Nancy and Harry, for him to sit later in some cabinet as a Secretary of Thieveries, timing, timing, timing behind close doors………..??

    • OF COURSE THERE WAS A BACKDOOR DEAL! We just don’t know what it is yet. And if you think that Nancy does not have an entire list of reps. and senators to use as chess pieces on the board – you have not been paying attention. Dodd’s name was probably at the top of the list because of his poll numbers. They have to have democrats for the base and the “new citizens’ to vote for in order to maintain control of everything.

      Ben Franklin has left the building.

  • LOL. Can’t say as I’ll miss him, and I hope he ends up in a cozy little cell with a roommate that ended up in prison-lite (he’ll never do hard time, no matter what) because of some faux legislation Dodd sponsored.

    The good news is, America may be waking up enough to not re-elect any democrat in 2010. Wake up Connecticut!

  • There is a lot more money being a lobbyist both legal and illegal…just ask Algore. Chris “show me the money” Dodd is just following his fathers corrupt footsteps. Just like Algore the rotten apple does not fall far from the rotten tree.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    He’s made so many millions the past years that I’m sure he doesn’t need the salary we pay him. He’ll make tons more with his corrupt dealings. Or maybe he’ll become a czar. Which one do we need yet?

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