We are watching real history being made, not the history of the first mixed race president who was handpicked, groomed, and marketed to the sheep to be installed in the WH like so many puppets before him.

The Dems and Repubs both ignored us, and then attacked us, and now the movement that started in Seattle on February 18th, 2009 is coming into it’s own as the vehicle that will derail insider Washington politics.

The Tea Party Nation will be having their very first convention from February 4-6, 2010 at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville, TN and Sarah Palin is slated to be the keynote speaker on Saturday.

Tea Party Nation is pleased to announce the First National Tea Party Convention to be held February 4-6, 2010 at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville, TN. The convention is aimed at bringing the Tea Party Movement leaders together from around the nation for the purpose of networking and supporting the movements’ multiple organizations principle goals. This event will be co-sponsored by other national groups that believe in a responsible and limited federal government that is responsive to all the people. National Taxpayers Union, American Majority, Smart Girl Politics, and SurgeUSA are just a few of the organizations who will be on hand to contribute their time and talents to this convention.

Special Keynote Speaker for the event will be Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska (2006-2009) and 2008 Republican Vice Presidential Nominee.

The convention will feature well-known speakers, workshops, seminars, information centers, and organizational tools for leaders to take back to their respective local Tea Party organizations.

Hotel accommodations provided by Opryland Hotel. Special pricing for Convention attendees. Click here to reserve your room (password is TEA10).

Updated Press Release with speakers:

Date:  January 4, 2010

For Immediate Release

The First National Tea Party Convention hosted by Tea Party Nation is happy to announce updates to the convention itinerary.

World Net Daily’s Joseph Farah and Fox News Contributor Angela McGlowan will be attending the convention and both will be speaking at the Friday evening dinner.

We are also very pleased to announce that Tea Party Express will be rolling in and joining us for the convention.

National Precinct Alliance will be in attendance and conducting a workshop on the importance of becoming Precinct Committee Chairs.

We would like to thank Eric Odom and American Liberty Alliance, Tea Party Emporium, The Leadership Institute and Eagle Forum for their support and Sponsorship of the Convention.

Rep. Michele Bachman will be the Breakfast Speaker Friday morning and Rep. Marsha Blackburn will be introducing Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska (2006 – 2009) and 2008 Republican Vice Presidential
Nominee, Saturday evening at the Convention’s closing night banquet.

Other participants include:  Phil Valentine (Nationally Syndicated Conservative Talk Radio Host), Bruce
Donnelly (President, SurgeUSA), Judge Roy Moore, WWTN, Ana Puig, Dr. B. Leland Baker (author
of Tea Party Revival), Mark Skoda (The Memphis Tea Party), Keli Carender (aka Liberty Belle), Dr. Rick Scarborough (author of “Enough is Enough”), Lori Christenson (The Evergreen Conifer Tea Party), David
DeGerolamo (NC Freedom Tea Party), Walter Fitzgerald (Tea Party Nation – Emergency Preparedness), World Net Daily, TownHall.com, Judicial Watch, Young Americans for Freedom, SurgeUSA, FAIR, National Taxpayers Union, American Majority, Smart Girl Politics

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