“America Rising” (VIDEO)(UPDATED)

An Open Letter To Democrat Politicians.  No words necessary. Enjoy!

UDPATE: Patriots have a message for the Republicans also.

America Rising, Part 2: A Message For The Republicans

Here is a new one (8.10.2010) called Rise Up! that your humble blog editor put together:


YT yanked the sound for the above video so I put it on MRCtv.org:

18 thoughts on ““America Rising” (VIDEO)(UPDATED)”

  1. I hope the people will listen this time. I hope you are now tired of having your government aploogize to every wack job country in the world that we are Americans. I don’t apologize for anything.

    • I and my readers were not part of the millions that regret putting dipstick in the oval office because we knew who he was, but I wanted to put this video up so that those that did vote for him would no longer sit silently by because they think they are alone. In times such as these, everybody needs to stand up and speak.

  2. This video should be shown in every household across America. It portrays the feelings of the majority of hard-working taxpayers. I look forward to the day when millions of Americans rise up against the Beast in Washington and cry out, “NO MORE!” We WILL find a way to take our country back.

  3. this needs to be broadcast 24/7 on every network, on every station in every country!
    Let’s stir the pot and shake em up!


  4. Great video… BUT…
    Did we need to put in the “finger”?

    Unless it’s real and not photoshoped do the right thing and redo it!

    Character stands because of it’s own integrety.

    One fake image here and the whole point is lost.

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