So You Want To Stay In Power Forever? $340 Million And Amnesty

After watching the Obama machine with the blessings of the DNC mafia run right over the Hillary campaign and millions of democratic voters, Americans that believe in the Constitution and the rights it assures have been on high alert when it comes to the 2010, 2012 elections and beyond.  As soon as we heard that the Census Bureau was being moved under the West Wing, we all knew that the caucus fraud that occurred during the democratic primaries was being taken to the next level to assure dems retained their seats.  They pulled it off the first time, why fix something that is not broken, and will have the full weight of the Executive Branch legitimizing it a second time?   Then add in Luis Gutierrez’s immigration amnesty bill and the preparations coming from the White House, and thinking Americans can see the light on the next locomotive about to flatten us.

To assure that those millions of illegals are counted before they are blessed with citizenship (with the wink and a nod persuasion for their votes), the pResident is spending $340 MILLION DOLLARS of our tax money to promote the 2010 Census to everyone including anyone watching the Superbowl pre-game.  The rape and pillage of our nation’s treasury and our grandchildrens’ piggybanks continues unabated.

$340 million blitz launches 2010 Census

The government’s unprecedented $340 million promotional blitz of the 2010 Census launches Monday with the debut of the Census Portrait of America Road Tour in New York City‘s Times Square.

A 46-foot trailer, to be unveiled on NBC‘s Today show, and 12 smaller cargo vans with 14-foot trailers will crisscross more than 150,000 miles nationwide through April to promote the benefits of responding to the 10-question Census.

They will stop at more than 800 events from local parades and festivals such as New Orleans’ Mardi Gras and San Francisco’s Chinese New Year celebration to national sporting events from the Super Bowl and the Daytona 500 to the NCAA Final Four.

“This thing is all over the place,” says Angelo Falcón, president of the National Institute for Latino Policy and chairman of the Census advisory committee on Hispanics. He jokes that “it might make people sick of the Census.”

This is just the beginning:

• $140 million on TV, radio, print and outdoor advertising, including $2.5 million for two ads in the Feb. 7 Super Bowl pregame show and a 30-second spot directed by Christopher Guest (This is Spinal Tap, Best in Show) and starring Ed Begley Jr.

• Roughly $80 million spent on ads will target racial and ethnic groups and non-English speakers in 28 languages. The bulk of it will pinpoint Hispanics, blacks, Asians and American Indians, but some ads will be in Arabic, Yiddish and other languages.

By Logistics Monster


  • The census has just become another little department under the ruler’s thumb. He intends to control, control, control. Just answer the questions and sign on the dotted line so that the great Oz can rack the data up in his little black book (or blackberry) and count the votes whether they are citizens or not.

    IMO this is the first step in his plan to do away with elections and like his buddy Chavez appoint himself ruler for life.

    You’ll remember that Tricky Dick was trying something along these lines when he was president and he almost got away with it. This bozo is way ahead of Tricky Dick and his backers have more money than God, so now that he has his hands on the power he wants to keep it that way.

    Why do you think he is stacking the deck with all those Czars? a second cabinet that needs no consent by congress. Have you ever heard of a president doing this? What happened to the paring down of government he was going to do? What about his promise to curtail spending. Are you sure this is the same guy who delivered all those flowery speeches in the campaign? I don’t recognize him.

    He didn’t get my vote and he didn’t legally get a lot of other votes that were counted for him. Just keep your eye on the birdie, this guy is going to try to finangle us into a socialistic dictatorship before we can toss him out. We can’t even take a good long nap these days without waking up to another surprise.

    Is there no end to what the dumb congress will let him do? Not as long as we have the present congress in Washington.

    The census is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Just wait until he manufactures an incident that will give him an excuse to call in the military to take us over. Far fetched? No way.

      • Sorry Diamond. I know that you don’t get much sleep lately whether it is a nap or regular bed-time snooze, what with getting this new blog up and running.

        You are doing a great job and it gets better everyday.
        Now with cooperation from Internet Explorer maybe my computer will manage the job even with my lack of expertise and my head will slow down its spin a little.

        • Lee – I’m not whining – I chose to do six things at once. What I mean by not napping is I’m afraid to sleep for the exact same reasons you are. What the heck is going to happen next?

          Let me know what issues you are having with the new site in an email and I will get it worked out. I’m working out an iPhone issue right now for another reader.

  • I predict the Leftist will cannibalize each other. Go ahead quote me, that’s what happens with the corrupt power grasping class. It’s not about Brands The Dems will be taken down by the Progressives who hijacked the party Brand. Because the Progressives are over reaching and they are power grabbing opportunist. When it comes to splitting up the spoils they will eat their own. So chalk this Would Be Democrat Utopia up to best laid plans of mice and men.

    Does Blago have a court date yet? When is Tony Rezko going to be sentenced? Oh those skeletons are rattling in their closets. We have Climategate and ACORN outed. The Chicago Machine is under stress.

  • Commercialization as usual. I don’t think it’s going to play very well though. Americans are not nearly as stupid as TPTB think, and the overkill is going to leave a very wide backlash. Again, as we join you in the pledge to oust every single incumbent that has betrayed the public trust and violated our Constitution, it is clear that WE are the majority now.

  • Leaping Spark -

    Elections and tea parties are not going to derail the Obama / Pelosi express to the Communist states of America. Comrades Obama and Pelosi are following Stalin and Hitler’s sucessful game plans and we are doing exactly what Putin said we would, we are going whimpering into the chains of Communism, like the good little sheople we have become. It will take the Second American Revolution to right this ship, and Obama knows we don’t have the guts to pull it off. Government takeover of Healthcare, DONE! Citizenship to scumbags. illegals, and terrorist, COMING SOON! Abolistion of the Second Amendment, COMING SOON! Ever increasing taxation of the American citizens, EVERY COMMUNIST BELIEVES THE WORKING CLASS CAN BE TAXED UP TO 100% WITH THE GOVERNMENT DECIDING TO GIVE BACK WHAT THEY FEEL YOU NEED TO SURVIVE! Obama’s wife said it in a speech Americans really don’t need all that much to begin with.

    Have a good day Comrades, may the chains of Communist slavery rest lightly upon your shoulders.

  • Just remember this folks, when the government “SNOOPS” come knocking on your door, wanting to know how many toilets you have, your yearly income etc….etc.. the ONLY thing you are REQUIRED to tell these ACORN A..holes is how many people reside in your house, and nothing more…..IT’S NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS!!

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