Plea Agreements With Terrorists?

John BrennanAnother AYFKM? moment in our nation’s history. Deputy National Security Advisor John Brennan speaking about terrorists as criminals, and using plea agreements to obtain more information.

From RCP:

MR. GREGORY: Why isn’t he be treat–being treated as an enemy combatant instead of a criminal?

MR. BRENNAN: Well, because, first of all, we’re a country of laws, and what we’re going to do is to make sure that we treat each individual case appropriately. In the past Richard Reid, the former shoe bomber; Zacarias Moussaoui; Jose Padilla; Iyman Faris; all of them were charged in criminal court, were sentenced some in–in some cases to life imprisonment. We have these tools available, whether it’s an enemy combatant avenue or to charge them criminally. We look at the cases, and in this case we decided it was best, in fact, to charge him criminally.

MR. GREGORY: Would there be additional intelligence that could be gleaned by making him an enemy combatant? And do you believe that whatever you’re learning from him, was the Christmas Day plot part of something larger from al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula?

MR. BRENNAN: Well, first of all, we have different ways of obtaining information from individuals according to that criminal process. A lot of people, as they understand what they’re facing and their lawyers recognize that there is advantage to talking to us in terms of plea agreements, we’re going to pursue that. So–and we are continuing to look at ways that we can extract that information from him. (emphasis mine)

By Logistics Monster


  • Plea agreements for terrorists? Holy cow, I’m pulling my hair out by the roots. Why doesn’t he just throw them a party and give them the key to the White House? These are eneny combatants and should be treated as such.

    While TPTB are behind the curtain and laughing at us, their little protege is selling us out big time.

    The military should be handling these trials not some shady character like Eric Holder. I declare, the longer this nonsense goes on the more I’m convinced that this guy is not an American. He has no idea what it means to be a patriotic American. He was not raised in America, but perhaps that was why TPTB chose him as their front man. That didn’t want a true American who wouldn’t play footsie with their plans for a one world government.

    Wake up congress. Don’t you see that you’ll be under the bus before long?

    VOTE ALL THE BUMS OUT!!!!!!!!!

  • Why not give EVERY soldier in the combat zone his own personal lawyer to make sure the soldier read the terrorist his rights? Better yet, TAKE NO PRISONERS!

  • This is insanity! This has nothing to do with law, or enemy combatants. He’s a terrorist, pure and simple. Thanks to the Patriot Act, we don’t need to treat him like a common thief, but like the mass murdering, illegal combatant he is. The Geneva Conventions don’t even grant this guy protections, why should we? The Constitution and it’s protections we NEVER intended to be applied to anyone other than an American citizen! The liberal, do-nothing-right Supremely Inempt Court has routinely disregarded the simple and well understood fact that “We the People” refers only to Americans, and NOT to foreign agents hellbent on killing Americans and destroying America. Lawyers indeed. When will this insanity stop? One third of Congress is up for re-election this year, vote them out, all of them. Send and message loud and clear that there is no place for this kind of shenanigans anymore.

    The revolution has begun.

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