What’s Your Opinion?

Loyal Monster readers; what’s your opinion of the new layout?  What is missing, what is too much, what is just right?

Is the page loading faster?  Are there error messages?  Are you having a hard time finding the articles you are looking for? If so, check out the categories right underneath the header.

You folks have been too quiet in your opinions, and your input is what made LM so great.  I know you are still adjusting to the grocery store shelves being moved in the middle of the night, but after 2009, you should be expecting the unexpected (and I did warn you).

Let me know so that I can make The Daily Crimes a veritable cornucopia of information at the fingertips.

Your faithful Monster, DT.

P.S. I am putting this up as a headline under The Daily Crime because your input is very important.

By Logistics Monster


  • (Apologies if this is a duplicate.)

    It’s a little confusing and there’s some repetition. It’s a very busy interface. We can’t tell how many comments there are on an article on the main page. What’s the most current discussion? It’s more complicated than the Washington Post and even the NYT. Simpler is better.

    I love the idea of headline aggregation. I like the idea of commenting on some and just listing the rest.

    Some of my favorite sites:
    and of course this one!

    Oh, the one minor problem I have here is the narrow blue Follow Me bit on the upper left of the page. It obscures text beneath it. Here’s what I mean:

    • Ron – the redundancy will go away when I recategorize 1200 posts or thereabouts. As for the comments, you will now notice recent comments going right down the middle of the page under Breaking News. Hope that helps.

      As for find the most current – 3 places to looks. Featured sections, Breaking News, and Featured Videos. That will just about cover everything.

  • California Patriot -

    DT, for myself, I’m still trying to get used to it. The old layout had more color? This is a little bland. Still not sure if I like “Daily Crimes” or just plain “Logistics Monster”.

    • I really hate having to be ‘more commercial’ but if I expect to make some $, it’s gotta look a little more mainstream. I’ll see what I can do about the plain yogurtness of it though. I think that’s gonna get old – on the flipside – pictures just jump out at ya.

  • I do like the new layout. Still getting used to it. I miss the old logo at the top with the cool monster. Kind of a pain to try to find where everything is, but we’ll live through it. Hopefully it will get to the point where in 5-10 minutes I can find and read the the most important news.

    • Tim – just 3 place you have to look: the featured slider is the newest ‘crime’, Breaking News, and Featured Videos. Everything new is gonna be under those three sections.

      I have not decided on a logo for the monster yet, that’s why no pic – and Daily Crimes is because you know it’s gonna get worse before it gets better.

  • DaveinPhoenix -

    It’s brighter, I like it. Seems more professional looking, a “magazine” look to it, 3 columns, nice. I’d stick with the new layout. It loads great on my Vista. Nicely done. Thanks for asking……keep up the good work.

    • Well we are hitting on all cylinders then Dave. I am using a professional premium theme to eliminate the dragging load time that was the biggest complaint.

      I went with this style so as to have more areas to more information all on one page without all the links in the sidebars.

      Thanks for commenting.

  • I’m still deciding, Diamond. Bottom line is, if you want the important news and an intelligent opinion you still go with Logistics Monster for it.

    Being overwhelmed by “CHANGE” lately I tend to tread lightly.

  • Hey, I like it.

    The colors make it easier for me to read. It is crisp, which is what I prefer.

    It seems that you have way more info on the page now, which allows me to read more info in one visit.

    Yes, it will take some getting used to. I rarely flip through people’s drop down menus at the header, so I’m not sure I would do that very often. The side bar with breaking news is a good idea. I hear you when it comes to not having the time to write about everything, there is so much going on. The sidebar breaking news works as a news digest where I can flip through the titles and read more on my own.

    You do great when it comes to drilling down, going down the rabbit hole.

    As for the title, Daily Crimes, I am kind of iffy. I think it is the word crime that strikes me because of the negative connotation, but I get where you are coming from.

    Keep it up my friend, you are tireless and a true patriot.

  • Liberty Is Ours -

    Like any time someone changes their site it take a bit to get used to it but overall I really like the layout. I think the main thing is that you are able to show I lot more information on your page now with out having to scroll down, down, down. You are also making people really look through the site now with having the short versions of your articles on the front page.
    As far as the name change, I am not so crazy about that because you have branded yourself as Logistics Monster so when I see the new title, I still think that your other version of the site is still there. Over 4 million hits as LM so don’t change that!

  • Dear D/T,

    You are the word-smith and you are the artist… it’s about substance over form.
    10% know you and will like it no matter what you do…
    10% know you and will think its crap no matter what you do…
    80% don’t know you… stiick with the 10% who know and love you and the 80%…that’s all that counts…Happy New Year, keep up the good work…

  • Personally I like this format much better. I.m sure there are some issues yet to complete, but it is much brighter and inviting to read….

  • California Patriot -

    A friend of mine told me this about the new site:

    Do you get an obnoxious blue tab on left of screen that says FOLLOW ME when you open first page? It is so big it covers the first word of each and every sentence in entire paragraph of script so that i have to scroll up or down to keep reading it…
    I tired everything from here to remedy the prob to no avail, so unless that is fixed, I will not go there. I never did find the one you suggested for me to see, and by the time i screwed around with the page, I forgot what it was! ”

    I also get that blue tab.

  • Hey, Happy New Year! I like the new look, however since those bastards in D.C. are working so fast to destroy this country you should label it “THE HOURLY CRIMES”, since it never seems to take a break.

  • I liked having the most recent articles you emailed all on the same page . Now I have to keep going back to the email and click on the story and go back to your site. I really hope you can change that. I use an iPhone and it does not have flash. I could not view the video of the picks for president for 2012. I havnt checked out other videos yet if I can see them because I havnt seen any.

  • I love the new site, DT. It did take me by surprise, and I did have to spend a little time getting used to it…but once you get the hang of where to look it’s actually very easy to maneuver through. It’s very professional looking. And it loads so much more quickly!

    Love the name “Daily Crimes”.

    More importantly, you continue to provide vital and important information to us all. Thank you!

  • Can’t see any videos. The new site is not iPhone friendly. I do see now how to get the most recent articles on one page. I think. I do really appreciate your hard dedicated work and research. I view your site everyday because you have the info I’m looking for I may not find anywhere. I know you worked hard to get a new layout and it’s nice. You must have a lot of iPhone viewers not able to see the videos too. Is there a way to fix this. Also only cause you asked for opinions. Daily crimes is too negative for the eyes. We already know there crimes. I was happy with logistic monster. Maybe daily crimes is a catagory. My opinion is I just want to see all the most recent articles right away and not go looking through catagories.

  • clemintine -

    being a long time reader, fairly new poster, i still prefer the logistics monster name. it had more of a unique gotcha feel.

    as i get more familiar with the layout, it is easy to navigate and does load faster. glad to see the follow me tab issue fixed.

    oh and of course i have to mention, i miss your jihad this eagle……it was one of my favorites!

    • Clem – not to worry about the Jihad Eagle. I just have not enables the Photo Gallery yet because it wasn’t highest on the priority list. The site is still under construction and that is why I was asking for suggestions.

  • It definitely is loading much faster, I couldn’t even link in before. Someone said it was because of all the graphics on your site, that I didn’t have enough memory. But its fine now.

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