Gerald Celente’s 2010 Predictions

Gerald Celente was on Fox & Friends this morning giving his predictions for the coming year. We all know it is going to be a rough one, but there are some bright points.

By Logistics Monster


  • njresident -

    I can’t make prediction, but I can tell patriots are ready to fight with all they have got to remove the usurper! I can tell the time is ripe now to do what we should have done months ago – to go on the offense, no more just defense!
    Yes we should all work hard to throw all the bumps out. The biggest bump of all is Obama! He has to go even before the election, because we simply cannot afford to give him more time and opportuniies to destroy us further!
    The usurper MUST GO! Here is a solid plan:-

    ‘Operation BO has to Go’ (OBOGO) –
    combining the constitutional power of Rep congress and the will-power of We the people united against the usurper, we will remove the usurper!

    For detail, please go here:

    OBOGO, it is easy, painless, peaceful, costs nothing, fast, constitutional…..

    • ByteRider -


      You sound like the opposite of the Bush haters.

      Fact is this– we need a constitutional ammendment. This ammendment should allow for 3/4 of the governors of all the US States to vote a Vote of No Confidence against the sitting President to remove him from power. Power is transfered to the VP. If the VP is removed, power Transfered to the Speak of the House (Nazi Pelosi) and in which case a new election for President is to occur within 1 year.

      This solves a number of problems– but foremost, it solves the problem of a growing dis-satisfation with the President by the people.

      Keeping a sitting, hated President in office merely creates a polarized populus– this moves us to civil war. I predict Obama’s administration won’t end without some kind of near-civil war event happening (bloody).

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