What’s Your Opinion?

What’s Your Opinion?

Loyal Monster readers; what’s your opinion of the new layout?  What is missing, what is too much, what is just right?

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You folks have been too quiet in your opinions, and your input is what made LM so great.  I know you are still adjusting to the grocery store shelves being moved in the middle of the night, but after 2009, you should be expecting the unexpected (and I did warn you).

Let me know so that I can make The Daily Crimes a veritable cornucopia of information at the fingertips.

Your faithful Monster, DT.

P.S. I am putting this up as a headline under The Daily Crime because your input is very important.

G. Edward Griffin Lectures On Communist Revolution (In The 1960’s)

G. Edward Griffin Lectures On Communist Revolution (In The 1960’s)

G. Edward Griffin is an absolute national treasure.  If you have not watched his lecture on The Federal Reserve, found here, you have missed valuable and necessary information for the current times.

What follows is the first part of an eight part lecture that G. Edward Griffin gave in the 1960’s titled: ‘More Deadly Than War’ and it pertains to “communist theory and practice of revolution, particularily as it applies to the United States”.

Mr. Griffin is an excellent speaker, and he breaks down this lecture into three distinct and startling conclusions.  Please remember that this was recorded in the ’60s, and use of certain images and certain phrasing was politically correct for that time (so I don’t want to hear no accusations of racism).

The three conclusions:

  1. That the communist program for revolution in America is divided into two phases; violent and non-violent.
  2. That the strategy for violent revolution calls for chaos, anarchy, mass confusion and panic among the people, a crisis in government, and then out of the vacuum, a sudden seizure of power by communist led guerilla bands.
  3. That the non-violent phase of revolution actually is more important to the communists and potentially more dangerous to us.

Go here for the entire series. (H/T Kathy)

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