Terrorist Attack On Flight 253: The Real Story Starts To Break

Could it possibly be that Janet and Barack messed up the handling of the attempted terrorist attack on Flight 253 because they were expecting to deal with an actual plane being blown up and innocents killed, and when it did not happen, they were adrift without anything to say?  Why won’t those pesky innocents just stay in their seats and let themselves be killed?

The real story behind Delta Flight 253 is starting to come out and it is not going to be pretty.

From InfoWars:

Bombshell Eyewitness Revelations: Confirmed FBI Cover-Up Of Flight 253 Attack

Editor’s note: Detroit attorney Kurt Haskell dropped bombshell revelations concerning his eyewitness experience of the Flight 253 attack and how the FBI detained a second man after dogs detected a bomb in his luggage on The Alex Jones Show today. The FBI has not only ignored Haskell’s story, but they have launched a cover-up by refusing to even acknowledge the existence of another man who filmed the entire flight, including the aborted attack, as well as the well-dressed man who aided the bomber to board the plane even though he had no passport and was on a terror watch list.

Kurt Haskell - Passenger on Flight 253

featured stories   Bombshell Eyewitness Revelations: Confirmed FBI Cover Up Of Flight 253 Attack

Watch this space for more stories on this astounding news that the corporate media has completely failed to cover.

Kurt Nimmo
December 29, 2009

Detroit attorney Kurt Haskell appeared on the Alex Jones Show today and detailed his experience at the Amsterdam airport and on flight 253. Mr. Haskell provided information not covered by the corporate media.

In addition to a detailed retelling of the story he gave the corporate media, Mr. Haskell addressed the unprofessional and lackadaisical behavior of the FBI and airport security after the plane landed at the Detroit Metro airport in Romulus, Michigan. He characterized their behavior as a “complete embarrassment. They actually put us in more jeopardy than we were already in.”

Passengers were told to remain seated in the aircraft for 20 minutes after landing despite the fact security did not know at that point if there was an explosive on the plane or if the fire started by the suspect Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab while on descent to the airport had spread under the floor in the cabin or to the fuel tanks in the wings.

After being allowed to disembark from the plane by officials, passengers were detained in customs with their carry-on luggage for six hours while they waited to be interrogated by the FBI, according to Haskell.

At this point a bomb-sniffing dog pointed at carry-on luggage in the possession of a man Haskell described as Indian around 30 years old. Officials led the man away to an interrogation room. Haskell said he was concerned because the bomb-sniffing dog had flagged the man, indicating he may have had explosives in his carry-on luggage. The Indian man was subsequently led away in handcuffs.

Following this incident the FBI moved the passengers to another location. “You’re being moved,” the FBI told them, “it is not safe here. I’m sure you all saw what happened and can read between the lines and why you’re being moved.”

Haskell said the corporate media refuses to cover this aspect of his story. He has repeated it to “countless” news agencies and they uniformly have not included it to his knowledge.

Go here to read the rest of the article and see the entire YT interview.

By Logistics Monster


  • Officials Admit Second Man Detained As More Witnesses Emerge

    The sh*t’s about to hit the fan on this one! Poor O, right in the middle of his “why can’t you all leave me alone” Hawaii vacation.

  • Well, well, looks like “Barry” got egg on his face. That idiot Janet “Incompentano” needs to be given her “walking papers” and sent home!

  • Well, Janet told us “the system worked…” ROTFLMAO, one would have to ask her, “from whose point of view?!” Since the *system* in this case was the simple alertness and ability to respond quickly by passengers, it is clear that THEIR system did NOT work, but OURS did!

    Just another in the long list of incompetent, moronic flubs made by incompetent, moronic regimes, operatives and dupes of same. Vive les imbeciles!

    And a Happy New Year to all!

  • Holy SMOKES, LM – this is unbelievable! Good grief – I remember hearing a little bit abt a second man being detained, but then there was nothing more said. Sheesh.

    THANK YOU for staying on top of this critical issue. And heck yeah, Napolitano needs to get her walking papers, and Obama needs to start acting like the PRESIDENT, and not like some frat boy on Spring Break in Cancun who can’t stop playing when the job dictates. Pathetic.

  • […] Logistics Monster (aka, The Daily Crime) and Lame Cherry continue to track the REAL story behind Flight 253, still too close for comfort for Americans, and the CIA, as Obama, Napolitano, Holder, and Panetta begin to fall. Oil for Immigration also has sharp, on-point analysis. […]

  • Bloody incompetent Kenyan atheist Muslims! First they forge a Hawaiian birth certificate but then give their Manchurian Candidate the wrong middle name; then they bank on a planeload of dead civilians but then undermine their cunning plans again by hiring “The Undiebomber” to carry it out. Worst. Cunning plan for world domination. EVER.

    Seriously, why the FUCK would Obama and his crew want a SUCCESSFUL terrorist attack on their watch? Congratulations, guys, you are now dumber and less credible than the 9/11 Troofers — an achievement I once thought impossible. Given Bush’s mishandling of pre-9/11 intel, the Troofers have a FAR more credible case than you wankers do.

  • “Could it possibly be that Janet and Barack messed up the handling of the attempted terrorist attack on Flight 253 because they were expecting to deal with an actual plane being blown up and innocents killed, and when it did not happen, they were adrift without anything to say?”

    Um… no.

  • First of all, the FBI not releasing information does not amount to a coverup. It amounts to them making sure their ducks are in a row, and that they know everything they need to know, before making incomplete information publicly available to spur on conspiracy theories. There are dozens of plots foiled before they even begin which the general public doesn’t even know about, because there’s no reason to tell anyone. Does that make them all coverups?

    Second, getting on Obama about taking 3 days to respond is plain foolishness. In what was for all intents and purposes an identical attack involving a shoe instead of underwear, Bush stayed on vacation for 6 days before addressing anything. You don’t get to accuse someone who performs twice as well as you of underachieving.

    Third, the reason everyone was kept on the plane was undoubtedly so that security and the FBI would be in place for the disembarkment and ready to do their jobs. Airplanes are designed to not let a cabin fire spread beyond the cabin, everyone was perfectly safe as far as that’s concerned.

    Finally, to what end would Obama have wanted a successful terror attack? The only semi-feasible reason I can think of would be to cement another enemy to attack, but that would only serve to spread American troops even more thinly, dramatically increase the cost of the war in the Middle East, and upset everyone who wants the troops to come home (meaning everybody). There is no possible rational reason for wanting a terror attack to succeed on his watch.

    Please at least try to think a LITTLE bit logically before spewing this kind of crap.

  • […] As the real story emerges on this very close incident, there are many questions.  There were two bombs on this flight, and passengers were left exposed to this for more than two hours both on the plane and in the ’sterile’ area; a host of suspicious circumstances; at least two other people involved, and more, yet the government covers this all up and refuses to acknowledge or deny any eyewitness reports. […]

  • James Hanley -

    In what way does this even differ from the Richard Reid (shoebomber) event? Doesn’t any criticism of Obama on this apply equally to Bush on that one?

    Or more precisely, just as Bush did nothing wrong in that case, Obama has done nothing wrong in this one.

    As usual, people who are motivated primarily by ideology, rather than an objective concern for understanding, say moronic stuff. It’s predictable, and it might get you guys all hot and bothered to say this stuff, but to people who really care about the direction of this country, it’s quite boring.

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