Give The Senate Back To The People: Elect Scott Brown (R-MA)

Here is your chance folks to affect real change in America by taking away Harry Reid’s precious filibuster proof majority in the senate by electing a republican to the seat left by Ted Kennedy’s death.  The special election for this seat is on January 19th, 2010 and is between Scott Brown (R) and Martha Coakley (D).  For those that need a little help understanding the dangers of Martha Coakley, go here and click on original article for the photo.

Anyone across the country who is interested in making calls from home to citizens of Massachusetts on Scott Brown’s behalf, please let me know in comments and I will get you the contact information you will need.  I am hesitant to put it up here.

Also, anyone that wants to really get involved in flipping this 49 year democratically held seat, go here.

Massachusetts?  Are you sick of the lies from both progressive sides of the aisle yet?

By Logistics Monster


  • Although I’d love nothing more than to see a Republican fill Kennedy’s vacant position, let’s not fool ourselves into believing Brown is a true Republican. He voted for the unconstitutional MA Pandemic Bill (, and he supported the disastrous RomneyCare, the mandatory health insurance bill which forces all MA citizens to carry health insurance or be fined. Both of these bills seriously impinge upon the rights of MA citizens and crap upon the Constitution. So, Brown is nothing more than your typical RINO politician, but what would one expect from MA?

    As an extremely conservative MA resident (bet you didn’t think there was such a thing, eh?), I will hold my nose and vote for Brown simply because there is no better alternative, but if he is elected to the U.S. Senate, let’s all hope and pray that he doesn’t continue to vote like a liberal.

    • Now that’s what we are looking for Kristen! The other side of the story, and we have people from almost every state come here and give us just that. Thank You for the real story!

    • Kristen hit the nail on the head. Brown is a typical neo-con and no friend to the constitution. Although, you may feel compelled to hold your nose as you vote for Brown (lesser of 2 evils), You might want to vote for a real conservative – Joe Kennedy (no relation). Hoping that the bluehairs do think he is one of the clan and like myself vote for Joe.
      The ‘Pnademic Bill” was attrocious and Brown never read the bill, but took the advice of Sen Bruce Tarr (minority whip) and voted with the rest of the traitors. Sen Bob Hedlund is the only one that admitted he made a mistake and stated this in a FAUX news interview.

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