Another Tea Party Patriot Called Home

Anita of OneNerveLeft informed me today that another Tea Party Patriot has been called home, Bonnie Kuzminski of the Northwest Indiana Patriots.

Unbeknownst to me, and in keeping with Bonnie’s perchant for working in the background, she was an avid reader of LM, was in DC for the 9.12.09 march, and was the driving force behind the Northwest Indiana Patriots.  It is truly my loss that I did not get the chance to know this amazing woman.

Please take a moment to visit NWIP’s website (linked above), read the memoriam to another great American Patriot who has been taken from us too soon, and honor the memory of a mom, wife, and average American that believed as we do that we can make a difference in our nation’s future.  Do not allow yourselves to forget the sacrifices that are being made each day by every one of us, because on that path lies the slumber we all have woken up from.

An excerpt from Bonnie’s son, Steven’s memoriam:

Bonnie was the motor driving the NWIPs. She authored every post on this blog, and wrote or co-wrote every email blast and newsletter ever sent out by the NWIPs. She helped organize, set up and run our events. She opened her home for an NWIP yard sale. Bonnie did all this – while receiving zero compensation – because she believed in the principles of limited government and fiscal and individual responsibility. She did all she could to help preserve liberty for her fellow citizens.

Bonnie recently related the story of how she came to be associated with the NWIPs. Like many of us, she was frustrated with the political direction of our nation. Also like many of us, she felt alone in her frustration, seeing no outlet or opportunity to have an effect. Then the Tea Party movement began, and news came of a Tax Day Tea Party in Valparaiso. Bonnie and Gary went, excited at the possibilities, but unsure of what would come of it. Would anyone show up? Would it just be 5 people gathered to say goodbye to our founding principles?

By Logistics Monster


  • I was not familiar with NWIPs but I am sorry to hear of Bonnie’s passing. My thoughts and prayers are with her family and the followers of her blog.

  • I am certain that the stress of fighting an uphill battle against entrenched political whores and presstitutes takes more than a small physical toll on each of us. I did not know Bonnie or her work, but I have immense respect for her based upon what I have seen. She will be missed – we need every voice we can muster against this evil.

    Take care of yourselves my friends and be careful to pull back when you need a respite from the stress. It’s better to fight another day!

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    I didn’t know of her either, but my thoughts and prayers are with all of those who did and who miss her now. We need to remember those who have lost their lives since beginning this fight for our country. Some I didn’t know, like Bonnie, and one I did meet and still miss, like Nancy Armstrong. With them in mind we can carry on even more fervently and win back our Constitutional Republic for them. Let’s all brace up and be healthy for the coming year which is not going to be easy, to say the least.

  • I didn’t know Bonnie or her work either, Grail, but I would like to express my most sincere condolances to her family.

    When you put your heart and soul into something like the Tea Party effort and know that the deck is stacked against you and that each day you have to work just a little harder to stay in the same place, you need to take a step backwards and get a fresh breath of air.

    When you can’t sleep at night because of what is happening in Washington and the pols are just drinking and carousing with not a care in the world about the reason we sent them there. In fact, laughing at us and thumbing their noses at us because we do not have the power that they have. Take Grail Guardian’s advise and try to ease off for a day or to to reduce the stress level because you know you’re going to need it in 2010.

    To the rest of the Tea Party Patriots out there – hang in there but try to set aside a little time to relax- no, I know we can’t all take a trip to Hawaii on taxpayer money – but just sit down with a good book and a nice cup of tea for at least an hour each day and it will do wonders for your blood pressure.

    Farewell and God Speed, Bonnie.

  • Glad to hear what Bonnie did but sad she’s gone. Thanks for posting this.

    As for Pelosi being 10 miles from your home while she’s on vacation, she’s always a lot closer than that where I live. She gets her hair done daily at the Four Seasons Hotel in Georgetown in DC. Nothing is too good for her. She’s an elitist of the worst kind.

    • Ron – I just have to wonder what Pelosi is doing here in the backwaters of Hawaii…There are much nicer resorts on Kauai and Maui – why would she be here during the wildfires that filling the air with smoke, and the volcano going off filling the air with vog? My son has been coughing for two days now. Nancy does not strike me as being any kind of trooper.

      • Diamnd, she’s out there in the boon-docks hatching some vile plan to subvert the conference committee and take the bill as is straight to the emperor. She is probably meeting with person or persons unknown to try to keep her dirty work a secret.

        Botox blowsy Lady Macbeth is trying to get the blood off her hands before the 2010 election, but she has a few more tricks to play first. Oh, how I (do not) love that witch.

  • Diamond,I’m suprised you didn’t SMELL her presence first…..You know, burned bacon, cause she’s such a lowlife pig! My bet is that she is vacationing with “Barry & the Bitch”!

  • Yes, Bonnie was a trooper, working day and night to advocate for the freedom on all people, to work toward liberty for all.

    Bonnie could be referred to as ‘the little people’, those persons that are mainstream America, yet do no have the power our non-representatives wield.

    Bonnie went after those that work to harm America. She, being an honest woman of modest means, worked into the dark hours of night to write, plan activities for Indiana.

    It was her so very quiet nature, her never demanding to be noticed, it was that that allowed her to be in the background. Those that know though, people like me and others, know that she was the moving force of promoting not only tea party, but all liberty for persons not only in Indiana, but of all persons across the USA.

    Bonnie had a heart attack. I will say that much. When she recovered enough to get to her computer, she posted as if nothing had happened. It was a few days after, when she fell silent from the illness that took her. She wanted to stay strong right up until the end. She posted articles so as to keep people moving forward. She never said a word about the condition that she knew would take her. She did not tell most people that she was on the downhill slide. She trooped on, fighting for liberty. It was never about Bonnie in Bonnie’s world, it was about America.

    She wrote when she was able and all along, she did not speak of the illness that she knew would take her down.

    Up until her last moment, she was a patriot. She worked on behalf of all Americans.

    Her last post, when able, was a simple ‘ditto’ to a comment on a patriot blog that demanded accountability of representatives. If ‘ditto’ was all she could muster, that was enough and it said volumes.

    She mustered what was her last breath for America. She wants us to fight to our country, it was a ”ditto’.

    Bonnie Kuzminski is all of us. She woke up to what is happening, she was involved and she pushed through until her final moments.

    I miss her, as she was and is my friend. I will know that the work all of us do is the work she would do.

    Love ya Bonnie, see you on the other side my friend.

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