An Open Letter To The RNC

I was honored to be asked for some thoughts about the 2010 elections.  What follows is the open letter to the RNC letting them know the shifting sands they are standing on, and why.

Please feel free to add any additional thoughts for the RNC in comments.  You know they are reading it.

An Open Letter To The RNC:

As a point of introduction, I have been an independent voter since 1980, and have a blog with a readership that includes indies, democrats, republicans, conservatives, christians, muslims, etc.  It is a very eclectic mix of people and ideas, but one issue they all agree on is that the Republican Party is likely more than 50% of the problem in our country right now.   The Republican Party has proven itself to be suspect and untrustworthy because of their actions, (or lack thereof), and their inability, (or purposeful ignorance), to see the depth of the danger a democratic administration is posing to the future of the nation.

A good number of my readership knew how devastating an Obama administration was going to be, and even though we were truly aghast at a John McCain candidacy, we voted for him to try to keep the White House and the congress balanced.  Now the Republican party knows what we knew years ago, and yet, the RP still continues to play politics with the future of this nation and will not take a stand against the nation killer called liberal democrat socialism.  Desperate times call for drastic measures and we are just not seeing that type of leadership coming from the RP, and it has lead us to believe that we are on our own.  Why else would the Tea Parties be drawing greater percentages than the republicans, and why would Doug Hoffman have made the splash he did?

Where were you on 9.12.09 when 2 million Americans showed up on the Capitol Steps to send a message about Obama and his policies?  Why does one liberal like Jane Hamsher have immediate access to the airwaves whenever they are displeased, yet 40 senators and 177 representatives could not show up on 9.12.09 to stand with 2.1 million Americans who set a new record for a gathering on the steps to help them get some media time?  Why weren’t you there, and why do you expect us to vote for you when you aren’t even present?  You continue to be a day late and a dollar short, again.

The New Year’s Resolution of myself and my readers is to do everything possible to vote out every single senator and congressman that is not protecting and preserving our nation’s founding document; The Constitution.    We will be searching for and supporting candidates that have a track record of saying what they mean and meaning what they say, who show spine and stand up for that precious document, it’s principles, and our freedoms.

If the Republicans want to win in 2010, the party better not fight the takeover by constitutionalists of all political stripes.  It is time for moderate republicans to become the democrats they so want to be, and the rest of the party to support the conservative message.  There is no longer anytime left to bandy about with Obama, Pelosi, and Reid.  They are progressive socialists that truly believe their way is better, and their endgame is in sight.  The current Republican Party seems to think a big tent is a good idea, but has forgotten that the biggest percentage of Americans are conservative.  Stop being the ghost of the party that was started to abolish slavery!

If the RP wants to wins seats, it will have to run on these messages, and then make good on those promises:

  • You will not become a prostitute by selling your vote to the highest bidder.
  • Stop Spending Money We Don’t Have and STOP FISCAL CHILD ABUSE!
  • Stop or Repeal the un-Constitutional ObamaCare.
  • Stop Cap and Trade.
  • Stop Destroying Small Businesses through policies that straightjacket them.
  • Stop Helping everyone BUT the average American.
  • Stop allowing American Sovereignty to be watered down by the UN.  One World Government is going to lead to the end of innovation and wealth creation for the majority of the world’s population.
  • Stop sending all our money overseas through insane policies like funding abortions in third world countries.
  • Stop the insane taxation that is causing American wealth to leave our shores and our economy.

When the republicans get the majority in both houses, and then the White House, you will be required to do the following:

  • BE REAL LEADERS!  Stop worrying about not getting re-elected.  Do not sell your vote, follow the Constitution, and do right by the American public and you will be re-elected.
  • Fight for REAL HEALTHCARE REFORM through a series of smaller bills that have a laser focus on the actual problems that exist in the healthcare system now.  The very first issue should be taking an American’s employer out of the equation.  Americans should be able to buy policies they own and take with them.  The indentured servitude to employers because of benefits must stop.
  • Abolish the Federal Reserve and it’s monopoly on American’s wealth through the interest on the debt you and the democrats have burdened us with.
  • Abolish the IRS and implement a flat tax or fair tax.  If you even think about adding a VAT tax on top of the current system, you will see complete revolution.
  • Abolish lobbyists in Washington, D.C.  Period.  No More Special Interest Money.  Being a senator or congressman was not supposed to be your only job.  The percentage of millionaires in the congress is so far out of proportion to the rest of the country that it is sickening.  Everybody must work.
  • Set Term Limits for the congress.  The congress has become a cesspool, and the hope of a true statesmen rising from the muck is a fantasy.
  • Implement private retirement accounts based on the Texas model that has a greater yield and get the government out of Social Security.
  • If an idea or bill does not increase Americans’ freedom and liberty, be against it!

The message for the Republican Party is a simple one; We Wanted Real Change And You Gave Us Obama!

Put forward conservative, constitutional candidates that actually have common sense and real experience in the private sector who will have the fortitude to walk back many of the socialist policies of the last 60 years and replace them with policies that empower Americans (i.e. private retirement accounts).  Support them by putting the entire Republican infrastructure at their disposal including financially and politically, and then get the hell out of the way.  We will do the rest.

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By Logistics Monster


  • clemintine -

    great letter DT! i agree 100% and have nothing to add.

    i too, am a registered independent and have been for decades…..i am getting very tired of republicans trying to get me to re-register and telling me i have no voice as an independent. i reply that it is the independents that decide elections, so they better put forth the best candidate if they want my support. i further advise them, that in my opinion, the republicans have failed miserably when it comes to protecting my liberty and honoring their oath of office.

    i vote the person, not the party and will continue to do so.

  • I agree wholeheartedly with Diamond Tiger and Clementine.

    Tiger, this is a great piece. I sat here reading and nodding my head and saying “here,here” all the while. Although it is the middle of the night here, and my head is a little fuzzy, I say to you, more power to you, Diamond.

    If the republican party thinks that just because we are sick of the democrats that we will automatically become a repug they are sadly mistaken. After over 30 years as a democrat, I became an Independent on May 31,2008, and though it will cost me a vote in the primary election I can live with that.

    That New Year’s Resolution to work overtime to VOTE ALL THE BUMS OUT seems wiser every day. Incumbants beware. If all you did was sit on your butt while these usurpers walked away with our government, then you’re no better than they are, whether you are a democrat or a republican – or even an Independent Lieber-lilly livered fence hopper.


    Before you know it this same dumb a## congress will pass a law preventing future repeals and even future elections. They want to move as fast as they can before we start cleaning house.

  • I am not the only one who sees what has happened.

    From Byron York of the Washington Examiner:

    But now the dominant theme across the electoral map is dissatisfaction with both Barack Obama and the Democratic majorities in the House and Senate. The most recent Wall Street Journal/NBC poll, taken in mid-December, showed that 55 percent of Americans believed the country was headed in the wrong direction. Just 47 percent approved of the job Obama was doing as president. Twenty-two percent approved of the job Congress was doing. And a whopping 35 percent have positive feelings toward the Democratic Party.

    And yet the public seems to like Republicans even less. Just 28 percent have positive feelings toward the GOP — a rating lower than poll results just before the party’s defeats in ’06 and ’08. You can’t make as many mistakes as Republicans did and expect to be forgiven quickly.

    That could lead to a dilemma for voters next November. Many will be fully ready to vote Democrats out of office but will not be fully ready to vote Republicans in. Faced with an either/or choice, they will weigh whether they want to get rid of Democrats more than they want to stay away from Republicans.

  • Mari Carroll -

    This is a great letter, I would add that they need to choose some real conservative leaders. I am sick of being solicited by Newt Gingrich for contributions to some sort of young Republican organization and I mute the TV when Lindsay Graham shows up on FOX. We aren’t stupid and we know and understand who and who is not, a true conservative.

  • As a Republican who not always votes that way, you expressed my feelings exactly about the frustration I feel for both parties but sadly disappointed in the one I am a member of, although I no longer contribute to.

    To the members of the RNC to not think that just because some Republicans have not become Independents that we are not thinking that way. The ONLY reason I have not switched is so I can vote in the primaries. I live in Florida a state that may make a difference in the balance of power. My personal belief is that the primaries are the first line of defense as to who ultimately will represent me.

    RNC you are on notice if you try to pass off any RINO’S I will know as will many others, we are looking for the true Republicans, the ones who represent the voting Republicans.

    This would include but not be limited to those who:

    Favor limited government.
    Embrace personal responsibility.
    Will be fiscally responsible.
    Socially conservative.
    Reduce taxes.
    Will work toward drilling are own oil.
    Help the truly needed not just the truly greedy.

    I am sure with more coffee and time I could go on but RNC you know what you were if you want a chance again you better start backing people who will reflect the voting Republican values, not DC values.

  • Excellent piece, Diamond! If the Republicans think they are going to cruise into a Congressional majority just because America is disgusted with the Socialists Democrats, they’d best keep thinking!

    NOW is the time for unaffiliated candidates to spring up across the nation and show these two corrupt parties that they can no longer control us. STOP listening to the “conventional wisdom” that a third party cannot succeed; when was the last time you ran across a Whig?

  • Dale K Brooks -

    I absolutely agree. The Republican Party of South Carolina has sent numerous requests for money, called “surveys.” I have returned them completed, but have written in each one the reasons I refuse to contribute: They have long since abandoned the Constitution as their governing document. I have been talking Constitution Party to everyone I can. When were the Republicans most successful? When they issued the Contract with America, then followed up. Remember that particular landslide victory and slap in the face of Clinton and the Democrats? Why in the world are you listening to the liberal media and the rest of the leftist-socialist crowd? With very few exceptions, the Republicans have become spineless jellyfish not at all worthy of the name Republican. If you won’t do the job, we will find someone who will do the job. A good rule of thumb: if the media hates and excoriates you, then you’re on the right track and doing a good job. Keep it up. If the media likes you, then be honest with yourself and your constituents and change parties to be the democrats you actually are OR grow a pair, and become real honest-to-goodness Republicans!

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    I’m really hoping for a strong 3rd party. I have remained a dem only because in PA indies can’t vote in the primaries. Also, because I am definately not a repub. I feel rather lost in the middle but I’ll vote, as I always have, for whomever I feel is the right person. Only from now on I’m going to take a much closer look at the candidates. I do want to be able to vote Spector out in the primaries.

  • Robin in Texas -

    Diamond Tiger,
    You got it right.
    To the RNC,
    Those that sit back and watch treason and do not fight in my opinion are more responsible than those that commit the act. Therefore the RNC is in my opinion MORE RESPONSIBLE for the activities that are corrupting this nation. You swore an Oath, You Lied! You either have no spine, are afraid of the backlash for your own dirty deeds being exposed, or agree with the policies being pushed through. The Hypocracy (see Urban Dictionary) is beyond comprehension. RNC, you have failed. Your hands are soiled and it is time for you to stand down because real Americans are about to undo your evil ways. Time for the truth and there are plenty of us to expose it. So, please don’t trot your RINO’S out and expect us to take them at face value. We will investigate and do the Vetting that you refuse. Your dirty little secret is out and it is time for us to clean up.

  • Carrott Top -

    Diamond, this is an good letter and gives the RNC some “food to chew on”. I doubt that most of the RNC believe that they have caused any of this ruckus from our nation’s people. They seem to go along with whatever way the wind is blowing, and right now there’s an awful lot of “hot air” in Washington D.C. I wonder what our Founding Fathers would have done, perhaps they would have taken them all out and put them in a stock in the center of the town and threw rotten eggs at them, or tarred and feathered them, or just flat hung them. Most need to be recalled from their offices, to step down, for failing to uphold their oaths to the Constitution and to protect and defend our nation, or are both parties just unfit for office. It appears they have learned how to beat the system. If they allow all the illegals to become legal in this term, we will see their vote impact this country once again, unfavorably. Congress is creating a welfare state, like Europe. Good and honest citizens must rise to the occasion and come forward to submit themselves for offices in every government position that becomes available. There is no more sitting home on the couch watching tv, our nation needs a new foundation of true American citizenary to “lead this ship to safety.” Where is our new Captain and his shipmates?

  • Diamond, thank you for saying what I want them to know. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to add my thoughts. RNC, we are watching you. We see you scramble and squirm to appease the voter, without actually standing up for what is right. We see McConnell refuse to even say he would attempt to negate the horrible Health Reform Act, given the opportunity. We see unconstitutional act after act perpetrated with no push back. And we have begun to wonder if you, or the great majority of you, even realize what a wonder and treasure our Constitution is. Are you there to support the Constitution, or to play political games? To stand up for freedom, or enjoy the privileges of the Club?

    This is not the time for politics as usual, gentlemen. Today, our rights are being threatened as never before. The corruption is staggering. We want our country back, and for that we need leaders as wise and brave and honorable as the Founders. Are you up for it? If not we will find those who are, and vote them in. And if the RNC had any sense at all, it would be searching for these people right now, instead of perpetuating RINOs.

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