Mitch McConnell Dithers Over Repealing Obamacare

Commit Mitch, Commit!  How hard would it be to just say “Republicans will campaign on repealing Obamacare and every other piece of liberal legislation that is bankrupting our country.”  How hard would that be?  When are the republicans going to stop being such political pantywaists?

By Logistics Monster


  • I wonder how many of the Senators had joined Backus before they voted. Could we issue a DWV ( drunk will voting) citation.
    First Reid votes nay when he meant nay, now Backus supposedly drunk on the Senate floor.

    When we take back our Country I hope along with term-limits that mandatory drug and alcohol testing will be required, along with the occasional lie detector test.

  • Robin in Texas -

    I am simply amazed at the gutless wonders that are supposed to represent the true American people. I believe these so called
    Republicans are as thick in the mix of trying to ruin the Republic as the Nazi Democrats. Sarah Palin has more ba**s than all of the Republican Senate and Congress put together. These people believe in nothing so they will never fight for anything
    It is sickening to watch them when the serve no purpose.

  • We need to paraphrase Johnny Cochrane – “IF THEY WON’T COMMITT, THEY WON’T FIT”. Any incumbant needs to be bounced. They are all guilty to some degree in the theft of our country. And IMO they won’t fit in the new congress we need to take our country back.

    What we need is a completely new congress with term limits to prevent any one of them becoming powerful enough to bully the others. It doesn’t matter the party label. There are skunks in both parties.

    It’s time to put people in charge who think about the country and what our Constitution stands for instead of how to carve out a career at the public trough.

  • If there really are parts of the Senate healthcare bill that have non-repealable status, are any Republicans challenging the constitutional;ity of this?

    • As far as I can see, no Republican is challenging much of anything. They’re pretty much like the guy going along on a drunken crime spree claiming that he’s not responsible – he needed some fresh air.

      Take America back! Vote every single incumbent out of office in 2010 (or the nearest convenient election date)!

  • Molly from California -

    While we’re voting the incumbants out of office we have to make sure there are strong and well-supported conservative candidates to replace them!

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