What We Are Up Against: Scott Wheeler, David Horowitz, and Pat Cadell

Sit back and learn about the players including Soros and all the leftist organizations he funds.  It is about an hour long and there are events that will blow your mind; for instance FBI background checks were suspended and that is how Van Jones got a position in the White House.

Part 1:

Part 2:

(H/T Robin)

15 thoughts on “What We Are Up Against: Scott Wheeler, David Horowitz, and Pat Cadell”

  1. DT, thanks, I listened to it once and do again a couple of times. Sometimes you miss some things the first time. Very fascinating. I keep telling everyone I come across that we need to fight against this huge cancer that has taken over our country. We need many more than there are of us now. We need to get them to stop complaining and get busy fighting against them. I copied the Articles of Freedom and put it in a notebook and take it wherever I go. In there I also have a printed copy of the 1963 Goals of the Communist Party, showing that most of them have been met. Come on America, lets stop them from ruining our Constitutional Republic and our free way of life!!!

  2. great info as always DT!

    two sites i use to research links between organizations and individuals:
    (you can look at the “maps” already done or create one of your own)
    (d. horowitz site….click on the map icon located on the right side of home page to launch the visual map. looks like a star burst surrounded by names in grey ovals. there are also pages on each person/organization detailing history/etc.)

    both sites are a wealth of info. i have discovered some amazing links between people/organizations!

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