SHOCK! Senate Passes Health Care Bill 60-39

Senate Health Care Bill H.R.3590 – Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act passes 60-39 on a party line vote as “Gaffe” Biden ‘historically’ presides in his role as Senate President and mispronounces the bill’s name.

WHAT?  Like you were expecting something absolutely miraculous to happen on the anniversary Eve of Christ’s birth besides Harry Reid quoting the Founding Fathers?   What?  Like maybe one democrat voting in sync with the American people?  What? Like maybe one democrat switching sides to republican before the vote this morning and making sure that the Progressive Socialist Caucus doesn’t turn America into the United Socialist States Of America?


We live in the late, great, United States with a guy in the White House who spent twenty years listening to Black Liberation Theology, and who is now partying like it’s 1999 along with his marxist and communist czars, a Senate full of liberal socialists lacking a moral and Constitutional compass who don’t give a sh*t about how the bill gets passed unless the payola is going a different direction, and a House run by a ball-busting, botox infused freakazoid that is pretty darn happy they changed that tax in the Senate bill.

Angst?  You say you have angst?  Can you tell that I have been sick to death watching the monetary mating calls of the senators these past few weeks?  How is your nausea level?

Join the club and join the resolution.


For Their Next Trick . . .

The latest example of violating principles of transparency and accountability in the single-minded pursuit of legislative victory.

Look for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to try to circumvent the traditional conference committee process by which the different versions of health care reform passed by each house will be reconciled. If so, it will be the latest example of violating principles of transparency and accountability in the single-minded pursuit of legislative victory.

When Democrats took over Congress in 2007, they increasingly did not send bills through the regular conference process. “We have to defer to the bigger picture,” explained Rep. Henry Waxman of California. So the children’s health insurance bill passed by the House that year was largely dumped in favor of the Senate’s version. House Ways and Means Chairman Charles Rangel and other Democrats complained the House had been “cut off at the knees” but ultimately supported the bill. Legislation on lobbying reform and the 2007 energy bill were handled the same way — without appointing an actual conference.

Rather than appoint members to a public conference committee, those measures were “ping-ponged” — i.e. changes to reconcile the two versions were transmitted by messenger between the two houses as the final product was crafted behind closed doors solely by the leadership. Many Democrats grumbled at the secrecy. “We need to get back to the point where we use conference committees . . . and have serious dialogue,” said Rep. Artur Davis of Alabama at the time.

God help them if we actually make it to November, 2010, as a free nation.

By Logistics Monster


  • Manditory health insurance for all Americans…boy did they show those evil insurance companies…was the fix in?

    Anyhow, fascism is mature in America this morning.

  • It is with heavy heart, albeit without surprise that I learn of this latest outrage. Indeed, the Muslim Mafia is not only alive and well, but dancing in the streets with their latest triumph. Sadly, we no longer have the Republic our Framers intended. It is now up to us to decide what we will do about it. I have scant hope that the American people will have the opportunity for free elections in November. Oh, yes, they’ll open the *polls*, staffed with bludgeon wielding panthers, ACORN shills and corrupt party hacks, making sure no discouraging words or votes are counted.

    I hope I am wrong about this, and most other things I see coming down, but unfortunately, I was not wrong about the mutant creature now squatting in the White House, so I hold little hope for our ability to vote these tyrants out.

    Sometimes all one can do is celebrate the birth of Christ and remember the message he brought. And other times…

  • Hound the bastards when they come back home. Don’t let them rest. One. Bloody. Minute. Follow them to the mall, to dinner, to their offices, to their houses. Stand outside with a bullhorn and scream: “We’re coming for you. Pack your bags. Your f—-ing history.”

    And do what A. says … find REAL conservative candidates and get these asswipes out of office.

  • As Benjamin Franklin said, “We have given you a Republic if you can hold on to it” – we haven’t done so well have we? How did we let a person of unknown origin and a botox blowsy along with a half dead creature from Nevada usurp our country this way? Is this what Washington suffered the Christmas at Valley Forge for? No one of these three half-wits could have made it in his Revolutionary Army.

  • It is now 12:30 AM in my bailiwick and officially Christmas Day.


    As Scarlett says “tomorrow is another day” that will bring us to Dec.26th and time to come out swinging. Don’t let your elected representatives enjoy their Christmas break for one day.

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