Senate Floor Speeches; McConnell vs. Reid (Video)

From midnight to 1 am, floor speeches were made for and against the senate healthcare bill and the addition of Harry Reid’s manager’s amendment.  Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid were the last to speak as is the ritual for the minority majority leaders.  McConnell knocked this one right out of the ballpark, while Harry went so far overboard on the whining and melodramatic stories and phrasing, that it went past the point of  nausea to the ridiculous.

I am posting these floor speeches as Americans that are now fully awake and paying attention to the 111th Congress and the current White House know that history is being made; just not the history that the Democrats wanted exactly.  Please pass these videos on, and wake up your neighbors to the un-Constitutional mandate that this bill places on every single American.

Mitch McConnell (Part 1):

Mitch McConnell (Part 2):

All it takes is one, just one.  All it takes is one.

One can stop it.

One can stop it, or every one will own it.

One can stop it, or every single one will own it.

Harry Reid (Part 1):

Harry Reid (Part 2):

By Logistics Monster


  • Is Reid prepared to stand up on the Senate floor with recalculated numbers as to how often an American will die because of this plan?

    People will die just waiting to see a Dr. if that does not kill you than maybe waiting for the test that is necessary will, still alive well waiting to see the specialist or have the procedure necessary will most likely finish you off.

    I hope he also knows that he will be flooded with letters from Americans complaining about all the above issues, is he prepared to stand up and read them?

    Also AARP has lost over 60,000 members from July1 to Sept1 but not to worry of course there is a plan to help them, they sell medigap insurance which any Senior who loses their medicare advantage coverage is going to need.

  • California Patriot -

    Harry Reid is a f**king lier. He acts as if he cares about the people. He talks about the flu (phara created no doubt), diabetes (caused, in part,by the processed food crammed down our throats). Oh yeah, how about the aireal spraying (chemtrails), that’s killing our trees, causing lung problems, etc.?

    Harry Reid is so transparent he makes me laugh. You need to leave government, Harry.

    I agree with all you say, Kathy.

  • With all due respects to those he mentions that do have grave medical issues and are not able to get proper assistance, it sickens me to listen to Senator Reid’s somber and dramatically portrayed accounts to leverage for healthcare reformation when there are so many non-tax-paying subscribers that are bilking this country of its medical coverage benefits. It’s no wonder that there are such steep medical costs and insurance coverage loop-holes imposed on U.S. citizens to help make up for those growing cost differences. If all attributed and insurance paid medical services could be subsidized by every earnestly committed habitant of this country, insurance rates would in fact be more affordable to all true citizens and policies not having to be stricken by such insurance nonsense as “pre-existing conditions”.
    I suppose, that for this same reason, Mr Reid’s needed lobotomy procedure won’t be covered by his insurance plan because his brainless problem is assuredly a pre-existing malady.

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