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First, I cannot believe there is someone drinking from the cup of reality on  MSNBC.  Who left the door open, why did this guy wander in, and does he realize where he is?

The link below of an interview between Debbie Wasserman (D-FL) and Dylan Ratigan was dropped in comments on another post.  What is more interesting to me than the verbal trainwreck between these two people is the fact that health insurance companies’ stock is rising by double digits (in some cases) since 11.17.09.  Y’all are smart people, and smart people know that the government (Senate) is handing the American peoples’ heads on a platter to the insurance companies with this health care bill.  Just take a look at the monopoly that certain states have arranged with health care companies.  If I want to buy a policy for my child now, I have one choice and none of his current doctors are covered.

Lookie, Lookie - Hawaii is #2!

Lookie, Lookie - Hawaii is #2!

But what is even more important are these stocks rising because the trading public knows that HC insurance companies are about to get a windfall.

Rising HC Insurance Stocks

Debbie Wasserman Shultz get’s smacked down by Dylan Ratigan Morning Meeting 12-18-09 (6 minutes of talking over each other.)

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