The Dems’ Answer To Any “Crisis”, Imagined Or Otherwise – Throw Money At It!

I am very, very, very, cranky today, and I’m know I am going take a lot of heat for some of the statements included in this post, but I am saying things that I believe more people than just myself believe.

I do not support Hillary Clinton’s progressive, socialist, global one-governmentness, and ever since I did the research on her and found her to be more ‘red’ than Barry, I just find that everything she says and does is 100% suspect.  I also find that because of Hillary Clinton, I no longer trust any politician or voice in the spot-light, including Sarah Palin.  Sorry Sarah; I love ya to death, but I am still waiting for the other shoe to drop on you too. (You know you are thinking the same thing about numerous leaders right now.)

Hillary has thrown $100 Billion of our cash up against the UN wall in hopes of making the whole climate change argument stick, to get the sham back on track, and to help the third world with the climate change that is right now continuing to be proven to be based on false data.  Hillary Clinton and the Dems are skipping down the yellow brick road as though nothing is happening around them, and are hell bent on their only way of fixing real or imagined crises; the U.S. Government giving away the compensation for our life energy and time away from our loved ones to other people.  Hoorah for guilt and social justice at it’s best.

The “people in charge” just do not get it.  The average American salary is around $40K, not $150K or $1 Million, but they keep spending our money on causes that we do not espouse like we are all millionaires.  If I still had my 42K job, and was “allowed” to keep most of what I earned, then I would be able to meet my financial obligations, afford healthcare, and still give to charities.  Not then…not now…because of the tax burden due to stupidity like Copenhagen, the stupidity of the Bush administration that sunk us into two wars, the stupidity of administrations and congresses in the past who believed in entitlements for all, and the stupidity of this congress that thought giving away trillions was the best idea for saving the economy and our jobs.  I am sick to death of all of them, and the time for a reset is coming.

Meanwhile, we are still staring at this, which was caused by those previous administrations and congresses, and I for one, am trying to figure out how one balances that clock against reality; and then just throw in the dems’ willy-nilly perchant for wasting our money hither and yon with what appears to be bribes and pay-offs.  This government is pledging to give the UN $100 Billion for a farce, it gave $300 Million to Mary Landrieu for her healthcare vote, and $38 Billion to Citibank for god knows what, (and let’s not forget the $1.1 Trillion Spending Increase.)

Exactly how much money is there in the world, and where is Lee Ioccoca when ya need him?

(Okay – I feel better.  Tell me what you think.)

By Logistics Monster


  • California Patriot -

    You are so right on about Hillary. Earlier today someone sent me the UN info on her. Hillary is a traitor. She had so many fooled.

  • The Dems really hurt themselves when they threw Hillary under the bus, she would of been able to get a lot more through than Obama so for that I guess I need to thank the DNC leadership.

    No matter what is found out about Hillary now, and I did not support her, she was the reason so many of the wonderful blogs started, they were PO about how she was treated. Things work out is very strange ways but if nothing else Hillary probably had a lot to do with people saying enough. The fact that so many where disappointed when they came to realize she was not what they thought she was is unfortunate but I believe this whole election cycle has fine tuned our instincts, TO NOT BELIEVE A SINGLE ONE OF THEM.

    • Wow Kathy! Thanks for that uplifting thought. I never saw the silver lining of all those blogs starting because of what happened during the 2008 primary election cycle, myself being one of them. That makes me feel better – now off you go to see what other bad news I have brought you. Sorry to once again be the messenger of bad news.

      • Diamond your are the messenger of the news, good, bad or otherwise, you just keep us informed, I personally believe there are good things starting to happen. I am not a Pollyanna who sees things through rose colored glasses, but I try real hard to see the good where ever it is.

  • LetsHelpAmerica -

    I sometimes feel I am a character in a bad movie
    ( nightmare ) which has no end! Every morning I ask myself,
    ” is this for real?”

    I can’t quite believe it, but I actually campaigned for Hillary Clinton, met her, talked to her, supported her and wanted to vote for her! I ended up voting McCain/Palin because I have always been on to that crook we have in the White House!

    I am so disillusioned, disenchanted , and feel so betrayed by, not only Hillary Clinton, but all our Unrepresentatives in congress and the White House!!!

    I will never vote Democrat again! And, if I vote for a Republican, they better have a track record for supporting the law of the land , the US Constitution.

    I would like to see a massive effort to vote OUT most all incumbents. Congress is a rat’s nest!

  • no-nonsense-nancy -

    Can you tell me where you got the info on Hillary? I can’t find anything about it in any of the sources that I read daily. Thanks

  • Granny Gripes -

    a few brain drain ideas:

    1. when they self destruct as they are doing on the Health INDUSTRY Takeover “auction” or “strip poker”. JUST STAND ASIDE, they are hanging themselves.

    SO flipping the congress and or senate might be easier than we expected.

    A better new year is at hand

    THANKS TO the die hardworkers like DT a lot of vital rocks have been turned over
    the good and decent citizens are on to them
    and eyes are open wider
    2. YOU SHOULD ALL FEEL good that the daily beating, the hounding, the pounding, may be working, WE NEVER SAY THAT
    HO__ __ word on this venue. Let’s change it to KNOW they are going close to serious self inflicted pain.

    AS LONG as they do not have ink in the pen, we can still find the souls with the spine to revoke, reverse, revise, etc.

  • Granny Gripes -

    PSST Tiger, can we say this on your site ?

    that thrill that was going up the legs of Chris Matthews, might be something wet coming down, you think ?

  • Granny Gripes -

    TIGER, you are right about Hillary and Sarah, we need new RED BLOOD up and down the chain!

    NO MORE FOOLS GOLD, no matter what stripe they wear.

    Noticed: all around the country, the Marines, the AF, the Soldiers, etc. are signing up once again. That is really awesome.

    YOU WANT a morale lift. go to listen to the LT COL candidate from FLA. JUST AWESOME! 2nd hour of her show 12-27-09 think you can still download it, no transcript.

    there are about a half dozen on the west coast who are running.

    the kick butt, we defended this nation before and now we are signing up to save it again attitude. THEY ARE coming out of the woodwork and they are fearless.

  • Granny Gripes -

    Like so many others, I really expected something more or different from Sarah, and she has a few years to come around, but why does she always misfire?

    DETAILED SOLUTIONS is what the folks are looking for, not a mud wrestling match with the media and irrelevant idots like ARNOLD.

    That article you wrote and posted giving realistic and sound solutions on functional HCR OR HIR OR whatever they want to call it (have not figured out if they are reforming Health care industry from top to bottom or the Health Insurance Industry from top to bottom, and or population control, or all 3)

    I agree with you: THE CONSTITUTION does not mandate that everyone has the right to a free abortion every other month and that the world has a right to suck any amount they want from us and dictate to how much gas we can use. Like the right to have a sex change operation while in prision compliments of the taxpayers, like the right to have a face lift every week compliments of the taxpayers.

    when you go to Senator Tom Coburn’s site and see the 160 pages of waste, you just want to gag. 3 million to track rabbit turds was my breaking point.

    The good and decent folks just want jobs.

    NOW billion dollar EMERSON ELECTRIC CO says it is going to leave the USA because they cannot comply with all of OBAMA”s crap, that will be 10,000 -20,000 or more jobs leaving forever, plus all of the domestic suppliers to Emerson like the janitors, you just cannot add up all of the damage. It becomes a vicious cycle of decline.

  • Granny Gripes -


    do not “JUMP” I voted for “JIMMA” geesh those were years of pure hell
    no gas to get to work
    no jobs
    22% inflation

    I was to blame,

    WE ALL face that fork in the road, wrong turn means back up
    and fix it.

    Not sure it is DEM or GOP, GOP has zero zero zero spine and they are to blame for allowng this to get to this point.

    BOTTOM LINE: OATH they takes, requires the congress to stand up and represent the people against the party, and this corrupt criminal administration.

    BUT THEN look at what you have: CHUCKY Schumer, Pelosi, BABS Boxer, durbin, dodd, kerry, MURTHA, that dude from FLA gleason or greason or grayson, is he deranged or what. and then the spineless on the other side except for a dozen or so.

    I wonder what it would take for the CITIZENS to start a movement for a constitutional amendment for TERM LIMITS, congress 3 -4 terms max, Senate 2 terms
    Image 92 year old BYRD probably wheeled in on life support to vote!
    Al FREAKEN, that is one sick freak.
    Most are just dumb.

  • LetsHelpAmerica -

    Well, Granny Gripes,
    guess many of us wish we were more politically ” awake ” at one time or another! Ha! But, at least I didn’t vote for JIMBO! Ha!!!!
    Seriously, I think there is some positive elements to this nightmare because all of this has made people angry enough to awaken from their apathetic slumber! ( myself included ) . We are doing some serious ” digging ” , thanks to sites like this. We are finding some very scary, sick, and difficult things but I do think we can take our country back! We just need to stay angry about these things and get to work!
    Thanks for your enjoyable posts as well as everyone else.
    Ms. LetsHelpAmerica

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