Howard Dean: Senate Healthcare Bill And The Tea Parties

One has to wonder what is going on inside the Democratic Party when Howard Dean is allowed to spend 15 minutes on Morning Joe bashing the senate’s healthcare bill. What may be of even more interest than Howard “not vigorously” supporting Obama’s re-election is the fact that the Tea Party movement now has 41% of the support in this country vs. 35% for the dems, and 28% for the republicans. Howard seems to think that we are not being painted accurately though, because nothing was mentioned in the question about “bringing guns to the legislature”. Just goes to show that Howard appears to believe everything he is reading in the biased medias’ pages and not attending any of the rallies.

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The entire 15 minute segment can be found here, and it was actually rather interesting and informative.

As for the Wall Street Journal poll, I found one paragraph to be a wake up call for the democratic leadership (which I am sure they will ignore – thank you very much!):

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Wednesday that Democrats “fully intend to be in the majority” after November 2010, and she was now shifting to “campaign mode” to help candidates. Party officials are leaning on a number of longtime colleagues to fight for their seats rather than retire.

The Journal/NBC survey found Ms. Pelosi’s presence on the campaign trail could do more harm than good. Fifty-two percent said they would be less likely to vote for a candidate who agreed with the speaker almost all the time, compared with 42% who felt that way about candidates siding with Republican leaders.

It would appear it might be time to stuff Nancy in a closet to keep the sheeples from being reminded. Oh, Too Late! The Tea Party Patriots are going to make sure everybody who will listen will know the voting records of every single congressman and senator that is coming up for re-election!

By Logistics Monster


  • Granny Gripes -

    HOWIE is an ACTOR!

    HIS RANTING is supposed to help BUMMER get out of a jam, make him appear moderate.

    NOTICE bummer has never really supported any specific bill1

    HE just wants the population control part of it! With big bucks for ACORN, SEIU, SOROS GROUPS, THE UN, etc.

    BUMMER appears to have a hostile vendetta against the USA legal citizens and will go along with anything, do anything, set any stage to torture the legal USA Citizens to any degree he can get away with.

    IT IS ALL SMOKE AND MIRRORS, two fisted politics. Slap n Pat.

  • Granny Gripes -

    HOWIE is just another Bummer useful idiot.

    Bummer will destroy the USA, to any degree and with any means he can get away with.

    Bummer will exploit anyone and everyone to achieve the destruction of the USA. The Robot BUMMER is programed to destroy.

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