Day: December 16, 2009

Bernanke Nomination Moving Ahead? (UPDATED)

Is anybody going to ask Ben where the $9 Trillion dollars went? Bernanke confirmation seen passing first hurdle Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke is likely to pass the first hurdle in winning Senate confirmation to serve another term on Thursday but will face unusually strong opposition as his nomination moves ahead. The Senate Banking Committee is expected to recommend his confirmation to the full Senate, which is not expected to vote on his nomination until 2010. Bernanke's four-year term expires January 31. Bernanke is expected to gain Senate approval, but analysts believe opposition may exceed the 16 no votes former…
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Allegations White House Is Extorting Sen. Ben Nelson’s Healthcare Vote (UPDATED)

Glenn Beck interviews Michael Goldfarb of the Weekly Standard about the allegations that the White House is blackmailing Sen. Ben Nelson with Offutt Air Force Base. The Weekly Standard: Source: Dems Threaten Nelson In Pursuit of 60 While the Democrats appease Senator Lieberman, they still have to worry about other recalcitrant Democrats including Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson. Though Lieberman has been out front in the fight against the public option and the Medicare buy-in, Nelson was critical of both. Now that those provisions appear to have been stripped from the bill, Lieberman may get on board, but Nelson's demand that…
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Glenn Beck, 12.16.09: TIME Tries To Erase 9.12 Protestors From History

Glenn's monologue goes well beyond bashing Bernanke to how TIME has decided to try erase the 9.12 protestors from history by covering everything but the 2.1 million people that marched on the Capitol on 9.12.09 and the all the protestors around the country starting 2.17.09. The 9.12ers and the townhall protestors have slowed the fascist takeover of healthcare to a screeching halt.  Go here for Time's pics of the year.  I looked through all 48 photos and there are absolutely none that look like this: Stay tuned for the allegations of the White House blackmailing Sen. Ben Nelson for his…
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Sen. Coburn Forcing Reading Of Full (767 Page) Amendment

From C-Span: Senate Clerk Now Reading Single-Payer Amendment At around noon ET, the Senate Clerk began reading the text of Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) single-payer amendment. The reading of amendments is usually waived during debate, but Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) requested the reading of the complete Sander's text. Go HERE to watch, or turn on C-Span2 on your television. GOP slow down effort underway Oklahoma Republican Sen. Tom Coburn, who is also a physician, has just set into motion the reading of an entire 767-page amendment on the Senate floor. Typically, "the reading" is waived, but Coburn objected, which is…
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