Today’s AYFKM? Award Goes To The Media!

We are not surprised anymore by the media bias favoring the left’s cause and the continued vilification of everyday Americans as domestic terrorists, but this takes the cake.  Still think they aren’t goading us modern-day Ghandis into action?  Do not succumb!  I wonder if Fox considers this “fair and balanced”, or does that only apply to their news broadcasts?

Last night’s Lie To Me: Tractor Man.

By Logistics Monster


  • Liberty Is Ours -

    Funny you noticed this as well but this is becoming a tread now with TV. Radicals that are against the Government planning attacks like on the show Lie To Me. They are protesting high taxes so that not only have to be shown as simple living folks but also they have to show them as lunatics or at least this show was showing that they guys friend was nuts. It makes society think that protesters are lunatics so they should not protest.
    Last week on Law and Order SVU there was a talk show host that was screaming about how immigrants are killing this country and how they have to be dealt with. Richard Belzner’s character mentions how Hanity, Rush, Glenn and Chris have been saying for years that immigrants are destroying this country. The fact of the matter is that I have never heard any of them say anything like that. Their complaint has been how we are just letting people in to this country like it is an open faucet with no control by our Government and then providing rights to these people while Americans are just tossed to the side. They complain about the source of the problem, not the outcome of it!
    It is just amazing how the media throws this little twist at us like that. Misinformation campaign!!! Don’t think that for one second that the 4 major networks are not run by the same cancer that is killing this country!!!!

    • All you said I agree with but I believe this sort of tactic would only work if this movement was a fringe effort, which of course we know that is not the case.

      There is a certain segment of this population that will believe anything they see on TV but they are not the majority. As things spiral more and more down the rabbit hole more people with a working brain are questioning what is really going on.

      Just like the media attacking family members of those they do not like most Americans do not like being treated like a fool and would rather decided for themselves what to believe.

      I also think this goes to the so called talent in Hollywood, ever since the advent of reality shows they have not had to come up with any original material. But this makes a very handy way to spew their agenda. Trust me for the people who will make the difference in this their little ploy will not work.

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