zombie-santaThe Senate healthcare reform bill is a zombie that keeps coming no matter what one does to obliterate it.  The Medicare buy-in and the public option are both dead, and now the Senate Democratic Caucus has been summoned to the White House for, I’m sure, whining and hand-wringing.  This bill is NOT DEAD yet, and I am sure these discussions will revolve around achieving passage so that the dems can get their liberal left foot in the door of 1/6th of the economy.  I wonder how they will pass off Code Red happening right on the Capitol steps?

Senate Democrats move to cut Medicare buy-in

Senate Democrats late Monday said they were moving toward eliminating a Medicare expansion from the health care overhaul — the last vestige of a public insurance option — as their party leaders tried to appease moderates in pursuit of the 60 votes needed to pass President Obama’s top agenda item by Christmas.

“There’s a general consensus building, supported by the leadership, that there’s a lot of good things in this bill and in order to get those accomplished that particular proposal would be gone,” Sen. Evan Bayh, Indiana Democrat, said when leaving a closed-door meeting of Democrats.

Is there the possibility of buying insurance that a person takes with them when they change jobs, or the ability to purchase insurance across state lines?  Is there anything in this bill that gets your employer out from between you and your doctor? How about tort reform?  What about the rationing that is about to occur when 35 million people are added to the pool with only 836,000 doctors?  What about the rationing for Grandma and Grandpa because $500 Billion is slated to be cut from Medicare?  Are those the good things that Bayh is talking about, or is it that as an American citizen, if you wish to stay here in America, you MUST purchase health insurance mandated by an un-Constitutional law passed by a congress that is not upholding it’s oath?  What about those representatives and senators that don’t have to use this health care program because they voted to opt out?  Watch Sen. Orrin Hatch explain the un-Constitutionality of this bill and the loss of liberty because of it.

“Democrats aren’t going to let the American people down. We all stand shoulder to shoulder,” said Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada, who did not commit publicly to jettisoning the Medicare buy-in even though party members said it was inevitable.

According to Rasmussen Reports, 56% of those polled oppose this legislation with a resounding 46% Strongly Opposing. I wonder who Harry is listening to, the pink unicorn that the rest of us are still waiting to see a glimpse of?

Senate Democrats are scheduled to meet with Mr. Obama on Tuesday. In order to vote on Christmas Eve, Democratic leaders would have to get the necessary procedural measures in motion by the end of the week. White House officials were encouraging Mr. Reid to eliminate the Medicare plan. Democrats said they likely would be in session this weekend.

The White House is encouraging the elimination of the Medicare plan; can you say “foot in the door”?  This little pow-wow today is all about the strategy of getting this passed by Christmas.  This bill is not dead by any stretch of the imagination.

Removing the public insurance plan and the Medicare buy-in proposal, which liberals long championed as the best way to drive down health care costs, would eliminate the most controversial element of the health care debate.

How are health care costs going to be driven down now with the main delivery systems being axed, and are the senators going to be voting on it before the CBO score comes back next week?

Capitol Switchboard: 202-224-3121.  Keep calling your senators, keep letting them know if they are really lucky, they will be retired during their next election cycle.

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