Glenn Beck, 12.11.09, Duct Tape and Traffic Lights

Glenn introduces us to the traffic light system of stocks, treasury bills, and gold when investors with cash need a place to stuff their money depending on the craziness of the system.  My only argument with Glenn and David Buckner is when they agree that nobody is sitting around their kitchen tables talking about the $14 Trillion deficit that Congress is burdening us with.  The Tea Party Patriots have understood this problem since Hank Paulson sold his 3 page $700 Billion Bank Bailout to the Bush Administration and Congress.  Rest assured Glenn, WE ARE TALKING ABOUT IT and educating everybody who will listen about the non-sustainable groove this administration is on.

As for the duct tape portion of the show, Monster readers have been buying duct tape by the case for quite some time, and are now investing in duct tape futures.

Part 1, Duct Tape:

Part 2, Government expansion – jobs and salaries:

Part 3, Traffic Lights:

Part 4, Economist David Buckner

Part 5, Barney Frank’s Financial Reform Bill and the EPA:

By Logistics Monster

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  • As he said, follow the smart money. They’re getting out of the market for a reason. Beware the ides of January. Aside from options expiry and it being earnings season, something could happen in the ME that could have a big impact on the markets after the 3-day holiday.

    Happy Hanukah!

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