Glenn Beck, 12.10.09: Robert Creamer The Thief Calls Glenn Beck A Liar

Robert Creamer is a convicted bank swindler, tax cheat, and a former lobbyist for George Soros’ funded Open Society Institute, and insists that he is not that influential.  Glenn points out actual statements made by Robert Creamer about how to achieve the dems’ health care agenda, and the videotape showing the president and members of congress appearing to be using those very tactics.  Amazing quotes, absolutely amazing.

Glenn also covers the ratcheting up of the “violence” rhetoric by the dems about the Tea Party patriots, and that nothing has happened because of the Tea Parties.  It’s gotta suck to be a democrat with Tea Party Patriots who are channeling Ghandi.

Glenn Beck and U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky’s husband trade jabs

WASHINGTON — After conservative Fox News TV host Glenn Beck highlighted Evanston political consultant Robert Creamer’s criminal record and his visit to the White House, Creamer fired back Wednesday, calling Beck part of a “new McCarthyist movement of the far right.”

Talking about Beck, Creamer said: “This is a man who lies about everything.”  (He frames things in a conspiratorial surreal light…” Looks like that part was scrubbed.)

“It is important,” Creamer said, “for the targets of the smear machine to push back and to use whatever kind of means we can to prevent him from continuing these kinds of reckless charges.”

Creamer acknowledged writing part of his book, “Listen to Your Mother: Stand up Straight! How Progressives Can Win,” while in prison. But he said it was “laughable” to view it as the basis for any health care policies. “I wish I had that much influence over the White House, but I don’t,” Creamer said.

So who is talking about “whatever means necessary”?  Beck and the 9.12ers or the progressives (see SEIU, Andy Stern, and Ken Gladney in St. Louis)?  Also, my readers know about the Law & Order: SVU episode from last night that is so far over the line with the inflammatory story line about a talk show host inciting a killer who then is acquitted.  I am glad Glenn covers the lefts’ violence inciting propaganda.

Part 1, Robert Creamer:

Part 2, Robert Creamer (Hurry up, urgent, right now!):

Part 3, Violent Rhetoric:

Part 4, Law & Order: SVU:

Part 5, John Stossel:

Part 6, John Stossel – Free Electric Car:

Part 7, Spiral In The Sky in Norway:

Part 8, The Right To Bear Arms:

(And for the record, I’m one of thousands that have called Barry a fascist many, many times….because if it looks like a duck, it’s probably a duck. Please remember that the Nazis were the National Socialist German Worker’s Party)

By Logistics Monster


  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    DT, I thought prisoners were no longer allowed to write books while locked up. How come he was allowed to do it? Just wondering.

    • Well……….there are prisoners, and then there are prisoners…. I’m glad he wrote it and I’m glad that Breitbart and Glenn exposed him and his progressive plan.

  • Prisoners can write whatever they want in prison, they just can’t profit from their crime. If this book is unrelated to Creamers crime then he’s allowed to have it published….even if it’s not a book I would purchase.

  • really? you put stock in what this buffoon says? sad. so this guy creamer supposedly is in charge of healthcare reform? do you have any idea what is going on on planet earth? the senate bill was authored by democratic moderate max baucus. it was a compromise that has since been compromised multiple times in order to appeal to moderate republicans. watch the newshour on pbs, or some other reputable source, for God sakes. beck presents hysterical propaganda as “opinion.” he is a sham. his evidence that creamer is driving the health care debate is the use of the word “historic” when it comes to health care reform? what is that? it is clear that you are too far gone to understand all of the holes in the logical fabric that his beck presents. but, please, just try to occasionally listen to a source that responsibly covers both sides of an issue. democrats are not evil. republicans are not evil. people who portray one side or the other as evil in order to stir up outrage and line their own pockets are contemptible. please don’t be a pawn. and before you reflexively say “NO, that’s what THEY do,” just sit back and think about it for a second. if keith olbermann (who is also contemptible) had said that a convicted conservative was secretly driving president bush’s agenda because they both used a fairly common word to describe their policy goals, would you take that as evidence of anything other than olbermann’s derangement?

  • Egon PH Martinovsky -

    Robert Creamer is just another crooked/shady far left progressive that the Obama administration is using to push their socialist agenda as quickly as possible. This healthcare initiative is the biggest attempted power grab ever.

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