Glenn starts with a video found on the SEIU website of an American woman who has gone to India for a hip replacement and wonders why the American health care system is so expensive. He hammers Andy Stern, SEIU, and the globablization of the SEIU brand which will end up reducing wages in America.

Glenn has one of his all time, must watch, rants today during the monologue (Part 3 -2:30) covering the “hurry up” strategy of this administration and the dems in congress and where it has gotten us.

Part 1, SEIU, Andy Stern:

Part 2:

Part 3 (Hurry Up Rant):

Part 4, Harry Alford, President/CEO of National Black Chamber of Commerce on the Jobs Summit:

Part 5:

Part 6, Ron Paul – Audit The Fed:

Part 7, Ron Paul continued with Debt To GDP and the AAA status:

Part 8, Barbara Walters interview this evening on ABC:

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