Day: December 9, 2009

Obama? Americans Are So Past Fear!

I suppose Barry feels comfortable saying this because he really does think that we are all sheep that can be herded.  That was so 2007, Barry.  This is 2009, we are awake, and we are so very, very angry with you, your cronies, and your democratic controlled congress. Obama to GOP: 'Stop trying to frighten the American people' EXCUSE ME?  The only thing scaring us about the Republicans is their spineless 'go-along to get-along' with you!  When are the Republicans going to just walk off the floor, and say, "Enough is Enough!"?  We know that you are just going to…
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Glenn Beck, 12.09.09: SEIU And “Workers Of The World Unite”

Glenn starts with a video found on the SEIU website of an American woman who has gone to India for a hip replacement and wonders why the American health care system is so expensive. He hammers Andy Stern, SEIU, and the globablization of the SEIU brand which will end up reducing wages in America. Glenn has one of his all time, must watch, rants today during the monologue (Part 3 -2:30) covering the "hurry up" strategy of this administration and the dems in congress and where it has gotten us. Part 1, SEIU, Andy Stern: (more…)
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The Smoke And Mirrors Of “No Public Option”

No time to be celebrating the demise of the public option with the agreement reached by Senate dems. No time to be fighting over the abortion amendment; it's all smoke and mirrors.  This is a pure case of not noticing the right hand holding a large sledgehammer while they are fervently waving a big fat carrot with the left hand hoping to keep the sheeples mesmerized. Here's the left hand: Democrats reach deal on health bill WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Senate Democratic healthcare negotiators said they agreed on Tuesday to replace a government-run insurance option with a scaled-back non-profit plan and…
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Climategate: Al Gore Spins Interview Into Climate Change And Green Jobs

Al Gore brushes off the Climategate scandal as phrases taken out of context on emails that are more than ten years old, and the CNN crew then gives Al free reign to sell Climate Change, and green jobs with fear tactics. If Climategate is no big deal, then why did Phil Jones, the Direct of the Climate Research Unit at East Anglia step down on 12.01.09? For your entertainment:
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