The Barney Frank Masquerade


An email from Barney:

Friend —

The extremists who control the Republican Party have engaged in one of the most implausible masquerades in history by trying to identify themselves with the American Colonials who revolted against British rule.

In fact, as I prepare to go to the floor of the House this week to defend a package of tough financial reforms and consumer and investor protections, I confront a hostile, virtually unanimous Republican Party, which has a major characteristic in common with a different set of eighteenth century figures – the kings of France. When the French monarchy was restored to power in the 19th century, it was said that “The Bourbons have forgotten nothing because they learned nothing.”

Current House Republicans now oppose financial regulation because they have learned nothing from the current economic crisis.

It is time to stand up against them and we need your help now.

Put Main Street First: Contribute Today

The Republicans have opposed virtually every proposal we have put forward to prevent another financial meltdown. They have fought bitterly against the establishment of a consumer financial protection agency; they have blocked efforts to restrict executive compensation; they are against regulation of derivatives, and they have opposed efforts to restrain predatory lending.

But their opposition to any serious financial regulation has some substantial benefits to Republicans in the form of campaign contributions from institutions which want to be able to continue their financial manipulations unimpeded.

I ask your financial support for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, so that Members who vote in favor of tough financial regulation will know that we will stand with them when they are attacked by candidates backed by powerful defenders of the status quo.

Please consider contributing $5, $10 or more today to the DCCC’s Main Street Democratic Fund to help support Democrats who put Main Street first. Your gift will be matched by House Democrats 2-to-1.

There is so much at stake. The time to help is now.

Thank you,

Barney Frank

This coming from the guy that said Fannie and Freddie were fine, and who was one of the people that gave us the expanded Community Reinvestment Act which forced the banks to give ninja loans to people without jobs.  I am glad to know that we are now extremists and even though not registered as republicans, we must therefore be republicans because we espouse the founders’ rules.

Barney Frank’s financial regulatory reform is just another plank in the Cloward-Piven Strategy.

By Logistics Monster


  • California Patriot -

    Why doesn’t he dip into the stimulus fund? Or better yet, go print some.

  • No thanks, Barney. Any money I have to donate will go to worthwhile causes not lost causes. I deem your cause to be a lost cause and hope and pray that in 2010 you will be out on your behind looking for a real job.

  • Barney the check is in the mail, go stand in traffic and wait for it.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    Where do these creeps think they would be if our founding fathers didn’t revolt against British rule? He is so stupid. And the Republicans are extremists? I never in my life thought I would be siding with so many republicans or listening to conservative radio shows or reading conservative blogs.

    Bring on the Articles of Freedom!!

  • I wonder how many who received this e-mail are still waiting for the check they thought they were going to get. Maybe this will open some eyes.

  • No thank you Barney! You and your “butt buddy” Dobbs have done enough to us already! You and your pals Pelosi, Reid, Waxman Et al, are worse than the Somalia pirates!!

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