O’Reilly Drives The Monster Over The Edge Again!

My readers know that I think that Bill O’Reilly is a closet leg tingler going way back, that he drives me freakin’ crazy, and today, I almost threw something at the TV again during his talking points because of this comment:

To say that a tea party or a bull moose party or whatever should not be established because it would help a sitting liberal president is anti-democratic.  We need more choices in America because the same old, same old is not working.  So three cheers for three parties.  Whatever the new party is called, it can’t do any worse than the old parties, can it?

Reality Check #1:

Do not be endorsing the idea of a 3rd party right now.  It’s all about the timing.  A 3rd party would guarantee Obama another term; as assuredly as all those conservatives are regretting daily that they did not get off their couches, trundle their behinds down to the polling center, and vote against the bastard in the 2008 election.  In-the-know Dems and Indies ran to the polls to vote against Obama, but the republicans were saying to themselves, “well, it won’t be that bad; Clinton didn’t screw things up too much, and we really have to let the leadership know they suck”.  Look at where it got us – on the road to submission or revolution.  Conservatives wanted to send their party a message, they just happened to pick the WORST POSSIBLE time to do it as the progressive agenda was reaching its tipping point.  They have put the entire republic at risk when they should have swallowed the bitter pill of John McCain and started voting out all the Rinos right there and then.  A liberal or moderate president cannot further a progressive agenda with a conservative congress in place.

Reality Check #2:

Somebody needs to explain to O’Reilly that America is a republic where all the power was meant to rest in the hands of the states with the people in each of those states making decisions through the ballot and spending their money on issues in their own backyards; not an ever growing Borg federal government.  A 51% majority is still mob rule across the entire nation with liberals and/or conservatives from the east and west coasts making decisions for all of us.  This is why the founders set this nation up as a Federal Republic, not a democratic nation.

Reality Check #3:

For a long time I believed that everyone should become an independent or a non-affiliated voter and then make the two parties bring us candidates we would vote for.  I no longer think we have the luxury of time to make that happen, and here’s why.  In many states, if you are an indie, you are not allowed to vote in primaries so smaller and smaller percentages of the two major parties would be putting forth candidates for everybody to vote on.  Just look at NY-23 where the dem and the repub were barely indistinguishable, and then imagine that across every district in the nation.  Neither of these parties are interested in “selling” candidates to indies no matter what they say.  Democrats have been the party of corruption since the very beginning with their continued support of slavery.  Republicans have been corrupted by progressivism.  I believe the plan needs to shift to all indies changing their registrations to Republican and then working for the candidates they believe in and voting out all the rinos.   Find constitutional candidates, support them, volunteer for them, donate, knock on doors, and then get them past the primary and general elections.  Once that happens, you ride the crap outta them to make sure they behave or vote them out again.  You can never be asleep or uninvolved again.

Reality Check #4:

Indies range all across the board from slightly liberal to slightly conservative.  You will never be able to get them to agree to even the most basic of platforms, but given the dire financial situation we are now in because of both parties, indies need to step up and pick a side!

Reality Check #5:

I have been waiting decades for a third party, and it may still happen, but to actually try to start a third party right now would have the same tragic consequences as the conservatives staying home last election, and would more than likely, doom our country to decades of progressive socialism, bankruptcy, civil unrest, and revolution.

From the ever incredible, Pres. Thomas Jefferson:

When a man assumes a public trust he should consider himself a public property.

Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.

A wise and frugal government, which shall leave men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned – this is the sum of good government.

By Logistics Monster


  • I guess you’ve noticed that the longer this goes on the closer Bill aligns himself with Glenn. He keeps just enough distance in the event that Glenn fails, which we know is not going to happen, he will remain standing. Dangerous game on his part.

    The line has been drawn and he had better become more clear on what his true feelings are, after all Lou Dobbs is now available, and Bill seems to be courting him lately.

  • There are two people on Fox I turn off regularly… Bill O’Reilly and Shep Smith. I would rather watch a movie or go surf the internet, than to listen to these two and get my blood pressure up too high.

    It is for different reasons…
    O’Reilly views himself as God’s answer to journalism and comes off as a pompous a$$. His pontificating style and desire to appear “balanced,” just turns my stomach.
    Shep is a liberal progressive… make no mistake about it. Shep’s naivete is breathtaking sometimes.

    Occasionally they are on the right side of issues. But, even a squirrel can find a nut on occasion.

  • Sorry Diamond, but I disagree on this one. What we all need to do is leave both parties in droves; pull a little Cloward-Piven action on them and leave them without enough members to meet the individual states’ ballot criteria. That would force them to change the rules, and then a third party (and even a fourth) can get their foot in the door, or better yet get rid of political parties altogether.

    Sorry, but I still believe McCain was a part of the plan, and Palin would have gone down in flames with him as part of the Republican team that took America to socialism. What’s happening right now became inevitable the moment we allowed TARP and the “bailouts” to be passed without tar and feathers adorning the halls and suites of the Capitol. Nothing says “it’s time” quite like a few trillion dollars tax free for doing nothing!

    The only solution now is a complete and total peaceful revolution. We need to stop playing by their rules. They made them, let them get caught up in them and self destruct.

    • I agree with you GG about McCain and the pubs being in league with the dems to put the idiot in the Wh. You know I’ve thought that for well over a year, but the point right now is – do you think we can get most of republicans to register as indies and would it make a difference in less than a year? You know that all the dems that are going to defect have already.

      I’m talking about right now! The 2010 and 2012 elections. Like I said, I’ve been waiting for a 3rd party for 29 years and as a indie all that time I’ve seen how the sheep gather. The two party system is what is in control right this minute, and the situation is so critical. I honestly don’t think we can change enough people’s minds in the short time we have. Do you really think we can get the 18% of pubs to join the 23% of tea partiers in the time that we have? Let’s be realistic here. Disabling the republican party and leaving it in a shambles was also probably part of the plan so that the sheep would mill.

      The very last thing I would want to do right now is register as a republican, but this is about winning the war – not every single battle.

      • Grail Guardian -


        I guess I’m a little jaded because I’ve been an Indy so long myself. I can vote for a candidate without being registered in a party. I can’t support a system that keeps these greedy bastages in office. For the short term, all that really matters is that we vote every incumbent out. End of discussion, non negotiable. Then we have time to regroup and do it right.

        • See that’s the problem GG – I cannot vote in primaries and passing a federal law that would make it possible for everyone to vote in primaries even as un-affiliated voters will not happen or would take too long. Right now a third party viableness depends on current leaders like Sarah Palin, Jim DeMint, etc. changing their affiliation to that third party. THEN it would happen and become viable. Your thoughts?

  • California Patriot -

    Grail, I’m in agreement with you. I totally agree that the McCain/Palin ticket was part of the plan to bring down our Republic. McCain is a traitor like the rest (let’s throw Newt in there too). However, you speak of “peaceful” revolution. Can that happen? They are entrenched into almost every aspect of our society, i.e. banks, cars, financial institutions, schools, AND churches (the Pope is now preaching against individualism and capitalism, and FOR the “common good” http://www.cacatholic.org/index.php/teaching/charity-in-truth/473-benson.html ). I go to Mass NOT to hear about how evil individualism, materialism, and capitalism are; I go to pray and be with my God. But I can’t get away from it anymore.

    Regarding O’Rielly, I see through him too, as well as Shepard Smith (I can’t stand him).

    Again, peaceful revolution, is that possible?

  • Tiger – Your own #3 contradicts your point.
    The Republicans chose their own regardless of how the registered Republican voters in NY-23 felt about that choice. In the counties that comprise NY 23 there were some 60,000 more total registered Republicans than total registered Democrats.

    Yet, as you point out, the Republican Party candidate was not representative of the Republican voters principles.

    Do you still want to register as Republicans and hope that the Republican Party will represent your principles ?

    The truth is IF all of you so-called principled-Republicans would stand for principles and not just toe the party line( or just stay home to protest) there would not have even been a first term for 0bama! But, you rather thought: I am a Republican so I have to vote for McCain, or since I cannot stomach such a liberal, I will just not vote because if I vote for a third-party candidate it will assure a Democrat victory.
    Well, how did that logic work out for you ? We got 0bama and you have a guilty conscience to boot. Nice going.

    • Jeff – you just happened to run across a website that is a mix of democrats, republicans and indies. Might want to take some time to read before you open your mouth and start verbally bitchslapping people. Quite a few of the readers here a democrats that are now registered non-affiliated. I personally have been an indie for 29 years. We welcome debate, just not attacks. Snap outta it.

      • I fear anyone feeling bitch-slapped, as you called it, read into it what was not there.
        I only called out those that I called out.
        A: There is no word for the plural you in English.
        B: I specifically meant all those who called themselves principled Republicans when I said so-called.

        So, that entire paragraph was only directed at so-called principled-Republicans, that stayed home to show there disdain for McCain/Palin, rather than vote for the Pres./VP candidates that represented their principles. No one else was even referred to.

        If there were ever a bunch that need to be bitch-slapped it is that group.

  • Grail and CP, I have to respectfully disagree.

    As Diamond stated, we are running out of time. A third party movement may eventually be the answer, but it will take a massive long-term effort to make it truly viable. One of the problems I see with so many conservatives is that everything is an “all or nothing” proposition. That is not how this battle is going to get won. It is going to be a slugfest over the long haul. Look at how the progressives have been chipping away at this for decades.

    Right now, the best bet for 2010 and 2012 in my mind is to overhaul the Republican party and make it truly a party of conservatives again. The infrastructure and fund-raising capacity is already there. Conservative principles are not the problem. It is that the party that has largely represented conservatism and a constitutional view is no longer standing by those principles. If we stand by those principles and articulate them well, the electorate will come. Over 60 percent of the electorate self-identify as conservative in their views. They are starving for this kind of leadership.

    This is the type of candidate we need:


    This guy brought the house down. Congressional candidate? Hell… I wish he were running for President… proving it has nothing to do with race… and everything to do with ideology and policies. And he did it all without a TelePrompter.

  • When so many of us despise Bill OReilly, how does he maintain his ratings? Are we all gluttons for punishment? Not I, I turn him off as soon as I see his smarmy grinning face. He is rude (bursts into the other persons conversation) and ignorant and reminds me on occaision of Uriah Heep.

    I became an Indie when Hillary threw in the towel and cannot vote in the primaries as such, but neither can I stand the thought of being either a democrat or a republican. There are many others in my same position and that is why under our outmoded election laws we are faced with the same lack of choices.

    Like so many times before, I find myself agreeing with Grail Guardian. This lady has her head screwed on straight.

    VOTE ALL THE BUMS OUT!!!!!!!!!

  • Greeting Comrades,
    The NWO with every breath we take is staking it’s claim on the worlds last “free-state” the former late-great USA. With aid from our leader and pResident, to sell us out to the Globalists the last vestige of our National Sovereignty through the Global Warming Hoax. WE THE PEOPLE are being totally dismissed. Oh the wonderful feeling we get while holding our signs and chanting clever short slogans to the passing traffic, while the “secret police” film and take our pictures. All while WE THE PEOPLE are being RAPED by our government…JAM A LITTLE HEALTHCARE BILL DOWN their THROATS… hey they’re only mushrooms, just keep’em in the dark and feed them BS. Oh yeah, Al WHORE AND HIS FRIENDS use old Adolfs play book, Tell them a big enough lie and keep it up, they will believe you. It seems the only bell ringer to the loss of our National Sovereignty (and Constitution, what’s left of it) is Lord Monckton (sp)recently interviewed on Infowars by Alex Jones… stating that’s the end game circumventing WE THE PEOPLE through deception and steath ENVIRONMENTALISM. The good Brit said we are within weeks of the loss of our country, our sovereignty and former freedom…so
    what are the answers good people? What is our next step? Civil non-violent demonstration?, just say no to the System, 100,000 sign holders at 100,000 of the busiest intersections all across our land from small towns to big cities, drive-time morning and night. Banners across interstate highways for 2 or 3 minute, then pack it up go some where else, How about ONE MILLION sign holding Terrorists You pick the cause,ObamaCare, Boycott Government owned business,Just Say No to the New World Order, refuse to participate in all mandatory government dictated money grubbing scams like,
    taxes, permits of any kind, licenses of any kind, certificate programs (hey you need to go get a certificate to work in that job… horse baloney…. disrupt, refuse, deny, with-hold money from the system, use every form of “I’m confused, can you please send that to me in writing ,so as, I don’t do the wrong thang”
    Ok, let’s play… So you want to go to court. Well…that’s great, first I need a court appointed lawyer to help me defend myself…
    What do you mean I can’t have a jury trial? It says right here…
    Hey Big Brother…WE THE PEOPLE ARE ON STRIKE… OK so when do we go ON STRIKE??? NATIONAL STRIKE…spread us out in 3’s or 4’s everywhere, (pocket recorders, spyware camera for evidence against the police (if required) Rep. Bachmann had 15 to 25,000 show up at the Capitol steps in a week…can we get a couple of million sign holders on the street in 2 weeks. In front of every townhall, government center, non-representative representatives,offices,busy street corner, give the homeless guy a couple of dollars to hold a sign on the other side of the street…pay him after drive time is over…we need to take back our neighborhoods first, then our towns then our counties, then our states, we do that…we have accomplished our goal… it’s going to get nasty… food,water,guns and ammo…make it a FREEDOM CHRISTMAS, just say no to more stuff you don’t need, to impress people you don’t know, with money/credit you could spend in a wiser fashion…like SURVIVAL!!!
    Merry Christmas, may God bless all of us and give us strength and the spine to do what is right, may we all defend our families and homes from the evil doers that will try to grind us into dust… ACTA NON VERBA

  • California Patriot -

    Hannibal, I’m with you on this, “refuse to participate in all mandatory government dictated money grubbing scams like …”. I’ve been saying that to my family and friends for some time now. I’ve had others say they will go to prison before they’ll pay for health care they don’t want. When the ACORN census takers come to my door, I’ll tell them pretty much what my ancestors told them: http://usa.ipums.org/usa/voliii/items1930.shtml .

    Hey, they can throw my sorry, white ass in prison, I’m sick and tired of the gestapo tactics of this criminal bunch (literally criminal).

    People should think about being prepared to put their money where their mouth is.

  • letty aka granny gripes -

    Bill has been a bummer lover from day one.

    He needs his eyes examined.

    He has 3 million viewers, that is how many votes per state

    Dust him off and turn the page, get yourself signed up to do anything for the conservative candidate in your state, district.

    go punch in signs around the district, or write letters to the editor supporting him / her

    let your imagination run wild

    host a meet n greet coffee hour with neighbors, friends , relatives.
    drop off flyers.

    anything. 3 measly hours a week !

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