Glenn Beck, 12.08.09: Robert Creamer, George Soros, And The Prison Plan

I am putting up yesterday’s opening segment for those that have not seen it as it details the prison plan brought forward by Robert Creamer to achieve progressives’ goals. I will update this post about Acorn, and voter angry when the segments become available.

Glenn Beck: 12.07.09:

Today’s opening segment continues with more information about Robert Creamer:

More videos below the break:

Part 2:

Part 3, ACORN:

Part 4, More Acorn:

Part 5, EPA and irrelevant Congress:

Part 6, Pat Caddell – Angry Americans(shocking statements from a democrat):

Part 7, Pat Caddell:

Part 8, Close with preview of interview with Babs Walters:

By Logistics Monster


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