A Turning Point For Republicans?

I must, once again, state for the record that I have been an indie for a very long time, and have never been registered as a republican.  In keeping with the discussion that was started on the last post about O’Reilly and a third party, here is information that may clarify my position about registering as a republican for the 2010 and 2012 elections.  Republicans are not going to leave their party, and the tipping point for conservatives getting control of said party appears to have been reached.  So what would be the best way to keep Obama from getting re-elected; join a third party or join the republicans?  You tell me.

Rasmussen has released poll results this morning about South Carolinians’ views of their senators.

51% of SC Republicans Say Party Should Be More Like DeMint Than Graham

Two of the most influential Republicans in the U.S. Senate these days come from South Carolina, Jim DeMint and Lindsey Graham. But Graham’s efforts to work with majority Democrats on some issues has angered many GOP voters in the state, even prompting efforts to censure him.

Fifty-one percent (51%) of Republican voters in South Carolina say the GOP should be more like DeMint, who’s a staunch conservative, than like Graham, according to a new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey in the state.

Thirty-two percent (32%) of the state’s Republican voters think the party should model itself more after Graham, and 18% are not sure which one is the best role model.

Among all voters in the state, 38% say Republicans should be more like DeMint, while 32% say they should be like Graham. Thirty percent (30%) aren’t sure.

Sixty-five percent (65%) of South Carolina Republicans have a favorable view of Graham, but 85% feel that way about DeMint. Republicans are nearly twice as likely to have a very favorable view of DeMint compared to his fellow GOP senator – 57% to 30%.

Perhaps more tellingly, 18% of GOP voters have a very unfavorable view of Graham, while just three percent (3%) say the same of DeMint.

By Logistics Monster


  • As a registered Republican I once voted for a third party and end up with Clinton. I would have to really be convinced that a third party could bout out this administration.

    I also would like to believe that even though some of the Dems in this administration do not see what is happening I would hope that that Republicans would figure out that if they were given another chance at the WH they would believe that We The People will be watching them just like this administration.

  • After reading the polls this morning and the other comments on that post – the only thing that is going to get a third party going is more leaders other than Sarah Palin affiliating themselves with it. Thoughts?

  • Robin in Texas -

    Although the thought of something new and different is appealing.
    History shows that third party voters get democrats elected by splitting the vote. Remember most of the country tends toward more conservative thought. Do we need a third party, NO, we need to be tough on the republicans and only vote in the model we want.
    Conservative, fiscally responsible. The dems have gone crazy and until we get the insanity of the sixties radical buried of old age the fight will have to continue to swing to the ultra conservative side.
    After watching this game play for the last year I would not trust a Dem, even one that seems to have all the right things to say. They powers that be went to great lengths to make the bunch we have now look appealing. I know that no one will get a vote until I have exhausted my vetting process.

  • Diamond… you are essentially making the same point I made in the other post. Time is short for the 2010 and 2012 election cycles. In order to make a third part viable, in my mind it would take the following:

    1. A large, well-organize grassroots organization with multiple layers at the local and national levels… particularly at the local levels.
    2. A fund-raising arm that would bring in money such that it would dwarf both the RNC and DNC efforts. No small feat, as they are well-connected into corporate and special interest donors. It would also have to dwarf Obama’s recent effort in 2008.
    3. A well-defined platform and a clearinghouse for candidates.
    4. Several well-placed, well-known spokespeople (not candidates) that can further articulate the message… like Glenn Beck.
    5. A team of very media-savvy people who can effectively take on the inevitable attack machines from the established parties.

    This would be a start. Some of this has been started in varying degrees… much of it associated with the tea parties. But, it needs to make several quantum leaps to really be viable. I don’t see this happening in the 2010 and 2012 election cycles… despite what Glenn Beck thinks. I think he is being a little naive on this point.

    I still come back to the fact that, when adhered to, conservative principles WORK. The electorate is largely conservative… irrespective of party. The party that can articulate a principled, conservative message and plan… will get elected in 2010 and 2012. Then if they consistently adhere to those principles and deliver on the plan, they will be there for some time to come.

  • letty aka granny gripes -

    alerts too:

    discovered that here in OR if you are not registered with a party affiliation, you cannot vote in the primary: OH OH

    So that gives the RINO the upper hand.

    I signed up as a voluteer for the DIE HARD conservative and have already flipped a democrat to change her registration and support the conservative.

    SO if you are going to volunteer, check the State’s Protocol.
    Here the independents cannot vote in the primary!

    SO I am going to re-register now to GOP and I am going to be relentless to help flip voters to the conservative!.

    The “national” party favorite leans so far across the isle that like McCain he tips in too often. ZERO spine!

    It is the old barrel of rotten apples story, you should buy it for a few trillion because it has one good apple (idea) and maybe only a few half rotten apples so it is ok to buy the entire barrel of rotten apples! GEESH

    In view of the evil the democrats are engaged in, I cannot even consider salvaging one of them. I do agree with Tiger that there are enough bodies warm enough to vote for the true conservatives left in the Party that it is worth making a play for the party and stuffing it with true conservatives and sending the democrat leadership to a padded room.

    They offer way more insanity to watch than we should be legally exposed to.

    Where do you start? REID ? PELOSI ? OBUMMER? the CZARS ?
    or the other long list of loons? Just when you think you have seen the worst one, sure enough they go right back to the bottom of the sewer and dig up another dirty dozen!

    The 3rd party does not have the grassroots organization, the money, the leadership it needs to fip in 2010. WHO KNOWS by 2012?

    We desperately need to reverse any of the damage caused by these traitors before it is too late and there is zero hope of undoing what they have done.

  • letty aka granny gripes -

    Maybe Tiger the victim of OBUMMER economy can get a real great job doing the web page for the true conservative contender either congress or senate in her state.

    she certainly has the portfolio to evidence that she qualifies.

    SO Tiger, go pitch yourself if you can find a conservative who is willing to run.

  • Maybe the better way would be for a third party to start is at the local and state level, if they show that they are really working for the people than they would more easily be electable on the national level, just a thought.

    The Republicans are going to have to get behind the conservatives in the next election are they our going to be toast, middle America is awake and there is a segment of the religious population that will vote conservative but stay home if we have nothing but RINO’s to vote for.

    • Kathy… I agree… the only reason John McCain (a RINO) got the number of votes he did in 2008 was because of Sarah Palin. If it had not been for her, a lot of conservatives would have stayed home and Obama would have won in an even wider margin. The same will happen again in 2012, unless the Republican leadership wakes up and quits trying to be Democrat Lite and fields principled, conservative candidates.

  • Conservatives will not reclaim the Republican Party until they either get involved before the National Elections, locally, or relegate the Republican Party to third party status by showing up and voting for the Conservative regardless of Party affiliation.

    Kathy – When you voted third party in ’92 you were among the 15% of the electorate that voted principle above politics. Thank You !
    It was that strength that brought about the change in the Republican Party that allowed the Republicans to gain a majority in The House of Representatives which kept Clinton/Democrats in check. If y’all had voted R, then GHW Bush would have won and there likely would have been little change in the Congress.

    We really need to stop voting like it is a horse race and more like it is the future of our Country.
    The whole idea that one shouldn’t vote for candidate C because he has no chance of winning is absurd. There is only one reason to not vote for candidate C, or any candidate, because he does not support the policies that will leave you with a clear conscience when you pull that lever.

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