Navy SEAL Matthew McCabe Arraigned, 12.07.09

Sean Hannity has coverage of the rally for the Navy SEALs that were arraigned in Norfolk, VA today, and follows up with an interview with Matthew McCabe’s attorney, Neal Puckett.

(This video was made private by the creator (FoxNews) after it was posted, so I have added another video from CNN on 1.11.2010 while I search for another copy.)

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By Logistics Monster


  • Angie Burdge -

    We love our troops and stand behind these hero Navy Seals.

  • Chris Nilan -

    Justice for all but our own. While we are at it why don’t we go back and try a couple of world war two vets for driving their tanks over someones front lawn in St.Mere Eglise.Maliscious destruction of property willful and wanton sounds appropriate.

  • Private video? Why even bother to post it? I was interested in hearing more about the 3 Navy Seals facing charges for the so called abuse of a captured terrorist. If they should be charged with anything, it should be for letting the b@$t@rd live! I love my country but hate my government! My only regret is that the captured terrorist was not more seriously injured!
    It seems it’s usually the ones who dish it out are the very ones who can’t take it! What goes around, Comes around!
    These 3 Navy Seals are heroes but they’re being treated like criminals!
    Political correctness has gotten out of hand. God forbid we offend someone! OOPS! I just used the big “G” word!
    Damn The Potatoes! Full Speed Ahead!

  • There are many reasons to vote all incumbents out of office and this is just another one. God Bless our troops and may God pass harsh judgement upon those we elected who send our troops into battle, only to vilify them for protecting our liberties.

  • Bravo Zulu McCabe! It’s a sad day in hell when the AMERICAN PUBLIC has to send over 150,00 signed petitions to the Navy Department to make them THINK about this premature, disgraceful charge against an insurgent. Who made these charges? A Navy JAG-ACLU-wannabe lawyer looking for billing time against the government? Look at the support these guys are getting from their fellow veterans and family on This is one of the things that are a nightmare to Navy recruiters–why join when you are not going to be supported? Hang tight shipmate McCabe, we are with you!!

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