Glenn Beck, 12.07.09: Robert Creamer – The Bottom Of The Rabbit Hole


When Beck’s opening episode is posted on YT, I will put it up because it explains how our current situation with the health care plan occurred.  The speed at which this plan is being shoved through congress is truly amazing to watch when more Americans are completely and totally against it.  As far as I am concerned, Andrew Breitbart has found the rotting corpse at the bottom of the Health Care rabbit hole.

(I just have to add this. The US House of Representatives is here checking out Robert Creamer. Everybody wave to the dupes and/or traitors. If it looks like a duck…)

By Logistics Monster


  • My question has now become… at what point does all this constitute TREASON. These people are systematically dismantling the pillars of this country, as defined in the Constitution…. the same Constitution that all of them have sworn to protect and defend.

    The Executive branch is bypassing checks and balances (czars and what the EPA just announced today on CO2 regulation).
    The Legislative branch is ignoring what the Executive branch is doing and is driving this country off a cliff financially. Not to mention, ignoring the wishes of the people they supposedly represent.
    The Judicial branch is not allowing citizens to bring cases before the court on the Constitutional eligibility of the current resident of the White House to hold the office of President.

    I am praying the Republic can last until the next two elections and that a majority of voters will completely overhaul this good-for-nothing Congress and finally send the current pResident back to Chicago.

    • Dug – you are totally right about everything you wrote. As for making it to 2010? We are there right now…and all the hoopla surrounding the election is going to be bringing this crap even more to the front of everybody’s brains. I believe we have made it without a shot being fired. The ball is in their court now, they do something stupid, we will be there. Understand?

      • Diamond… I agree on 2010. I just hope we can get enough of these idiots out and the right people into Congress to reverse some the damage already done.

  • Boot the UN out of our country and let those spies go elswhere to hold their anti-american meetings. We need to re-trench and take care of ourselves and quit providing a harbor for our enemies. The UN has become nothing but a forum for American-hating creeps. Don’t let them keep coming on our soil and abusing us.

  • letty aka granny gripes -

    sinister: too kind
    evil: too kind
    nefarious: too kind
    criminal: too kind

    all of the above: too kind

    NOW is the time for every good and decent legal citizen to come to the aid of their country!

    No one else will rise up to save this country as you knew it to be for yourself, your children and your grandchildren and your great-grandchildren.

    Join the peoples campaign to send spine to Washington to undo all of the sinister and nefarious actions that have put this country in peril.

    Link the details to eveyrone you know and pass it around the country:

    NOW: go volunteer for the campaign of a candidate in your district with the spine to go to DC to undo all of this evil.

  • We had dinner with my ailing mom last night, some Chinese takeout we brought over. She told us about the time she worked with the man responsible for locating the UN where it is now and what a wonderful dream the idea of the UN was. She was a big supporter of Obama last year and nothing I could say could dissuade her. She’s an old fashioned liberal but now, she has issues with Obama. I doubt she’d vote for him again if the right alternative came along.

    I agree with what has been said here in the comments. We should withdraw from the UN and send it packing. It’s a disgusting and corrupt organization.

  • Just happend by -

    Do you understand that you posters all sound like a bunch of conspiracy nuts? I hope you are saving some of your writings just so you can someday sit around with your children/grandchildren and laugh just like you will about the foolishness of your current fasion styles.

    • Just – do you realize that you sound like someone who is not paying attention? Once again, if it has webbed feet, feathers, a yellow bill and goes quack, quack…it probably is a duck.

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