Thomson Correctional Center Looking More And More Like Gitmo 2.0

It appears that the Illinois prison is going to become Gitmo 2.0, and rather soon.

Illinois prison likely to house detainees

CHICAGO — Despite opposition from congressional Republicans, the Obama administration is signaling that a state prison in rural Thomson, Ill., will probably become the new home for scores of terrorism suspects now housed at the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Officials from the White House, Defense Department and U.S. Bureau of Prisons spent two hours last week briefing more than a dozen members of the Illinois congressional delegation in the office of Senate Majority Whip Richard J. Durbin (D-Ill.). To reassure skeptical Republicans, they emphasized security.

Although the officials left open the possibility that another site could be chosen, participants emerged from the session convinced that the U.S. government will buy the largely unused $145 million Thomson Correctional Center, which was built in 2008.

If all goes well, administration sources involved in closing the Guantanamo Bay prison anticipate a handover of the Thomson facility by late winter. It would then take several months to prepare the prison to a level “beyond supermax” and put the staff in place, according to federal estimates.

In Thomson, a town near the Mississippi River, popular support is strong for a federal purchase of the prison. Unemployment in the area is 10.5 percent, and the White House suggests that as many as 3,000 jobs could be created — some going to local hires, others to people who would move to the area.

I wonder how much those 3,000 jobs will cost us (above and beyond the $145 Million), and is anybody surprised that Jan “My Single Payer Friends, The Man Was Right” and “Tea Partiers Are Despicable” Schakowski is for terrorists being brought inside our borders and given the Constitutional rights of citizens?

Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.), who, along with the state’s senior Democratic leadership, supports the prison deal, dismisses GOP opposition as “politics at its worst.”

“We can defeat Republican efforts to stop this,” said Schakowsky, who contends the GOP is “‘absolutely politicizing the situation. They’re looking for any angle that would make the president somehow look soft on terrorists. Fear, in the past, has been their friend.”

Go to the link above to read the rest, and if anyone from Thomson, Illinois happens to stop by – please leave a comment on what is really going on in your town.

8 thoughts on “Thomson Correctional Center Looking More And More Like Gitmo 2.0”

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  2. I just don’t see the point to this. How is it symbolic to spend all that money to move them to another facility? They’re still “detained.” Frankly, the crap the Zombiecrats come up with is beyond bizarre: it’s Twilight Zone.

  3. Snarky, it is just another ploy to Obamaa’s friends (foreigh). He wants to bring all his little terrorist friends into the fold.

    Also it is another way to spend more of our hard earned tax dollars to benefit Obama’s friends. Wonder how many of the staff will be members of ACORN?

  4. i have not seen anyone talking about an issue that was, in part, the “deal breaker” when the feds had the great idea to move gitmo to the colorado supermax prison. all federal prisons evidently have an age restriction when it comes to hiring guards. once the folks in colorado realized this and realized most of them would not qualify for positions, the idea was nixed. (don’t quote me, but i believe the age is 35….).

  5. Schakowsky’s statement is ridiculous. If the detainees are moved inside our boarders and then are given the constitutional right of our citizens, to me, that DOES show that Obama is soft on terrorists. We really need to fight this, as we need to fight their having trials in NY.

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