Keep America Safe Protests 9.11 Terrorist Trial In New York

Hundreds of protesters say ‘NO’ to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed 9/11 terror trial in New York City

Hundreds of protesters rallied in the rain outside Manhattan’s federal court Saturday against plans to try the accused 9/11 mastermind and four cohorts in a civilian trial.

Loved ones of those killed in the 2001 terror attacks took to a podium to voice their concerns, and scores more huddled under umbrellas and braved the cold.

“We’re here not just to send a message to New Yorkers but to the people of America to become energized and activated,” said Debra Burlingame, 55, whose brother, Charles, was the pilot of American Airlines flight 77, which crashed into the Pentagon. “My brother spent the last minutes of his life fighting highjackers, he would want me to fight against the trial. “

Keep America Safe has a rather convincing video slamming Obama’s tough talking rhetoric (Always Get Tape):

By Logistics Monster


  • AMEN!!!!

    If Obama and his cronies keep this up we will probably have a for real revolution. Why do they deserve the same rules as an American Citizen? They hate every thing that we stand for, do you think they appreciate this bowing down to them?

    Someone should exaine Obama’s spine. It seems to have a mechanism in it that signals bow down at the most inappropriate times. Eric Holder needs to go. He is an ignorant a@@ with the brain of a pissant.

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