Google Has It’s Eye On You Via Expanded Tracking

Monster readers know that Google is a corporate member of the Council on Foreign Relations (who is no friend to Constitutional Americans), therefore, will not find the following tidbit of information surprising.

Google expands tracking to logged out users

Anyone who’s a regular Google search user will know that the only way to avoid the company tracking your online activities is to log out of Gmail or whatever Google account you use. Not any more.

As of last Friday, even searchers who aren’t logged into Google in any way have their data tracked in the name of providing a ‘better service’.

Anonymous cookie

The company explained: “What we’re doing today is expanding Personalized Search so that we can provide it to signed-out users as well. This addition enables us to customise search results for you based upon 180 days of search activity linked to an anonymous cookie in your browser.”

However, if you’ve previously been a fan of the log-out method to avoid being tracked, there’s still the option to disable the cookie by clicking a link at the top right of a search results page.

I use Scroogle and IxQuick.

(H/T Brian)

By Logistics Monster


  • My first experience with tracking (such as it was back then) was watching a tech at Xerox running their Star email system, and the manner he searched prior emails to cull boilerplate to create a new email. He said then that it would be a great boon to computerkind, but also that it would come back to byte yer butt!

    Besides clearing cookies on shutdown of my Firefox browser, and disallowing third-party cookies, I found another good add-on called BetterPrivacy that also clears out Flash cookies — they could be more of a problem in the future.

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