Day: December 6, 2009

Barney Frank To Endorse Rep. Sestak For Specter’s Seat

Well, well,'s almost fun watching the carnivorous dinosaurs eat each other.  You also know what this means; at the end of the day, Sestak has got to be defeated because he is accepting the endorsement of one of the worst offenders in Congress.  That old adage about judging a person's character by the people that he associates with is raising it's ugly head again.  Hopefully, this time around more people will be paying attention, and act judiciously. (more…)
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Google Has It’s Eye On You Via Expanded Tracking

Monster readers know that Google is a corporate member of the Council on Foreign Relations (who is no friend to Constitutional Americans), therefore, will not find the following tidbit of information surprising. Google expands tracking to logged out users Anyone who's a regular Google search user will know that the only way to avoid the company tracking your online activities is to log out of Gmail or whatever Google account you use. Not any more. As of last Friday, even searchers who aren't logged into Google in any way have their data tracked in the name of providing a 'better…
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Obama Runs To The Hill And The Dems Start The Spin

The pResident made a special trip to the Hill today to give the democratic caucus a "pep talk" about how they will be going down in history when they pass the lynchpin of socialist policies health care reform.  Let's not forget the transparency angle as deals were being made behind closed doors....again! Obama meets Dems without addressing divisive issues President Barack Obama gave Senate Democrats a "pep talk" on healthcare Sunday, telling them they stood to make history if they passed a bill expanding healthcare coverage to millions of Americans. Obama, during a rare Sunday Democratic caucus in the Senate,…
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“Working Poor” Mom, Rachel Porcaro Becomes Target Of IRS Audit

I have always thought that the IRS is totally un-Constitutional and is the KGB of America.  The story of Seattleite Rachel Porcaro, a member of the working poor alongside so many millions of us shines a laser on how the IRS can say anything and do anything to average Americans, while meanwhile, ACORN is still being protected by Eric Holder and receives taxpayer money. $10 an hour with 2 kids? IRS pounces Rachel Porcaro knows she's hardly rich. When you're a single mom making 10 bucks an hour, you don't need government experts to tell you how broke you are.…
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